Current Craze – Foundation

Wake up in the morning – not feeling like P. Diddy. That’s what happens most days, no matter what Ke$ha might have told us. Lifeless skin, a red chin and nose, a few ugly blackheads making their big debut… our skin doesn’t always want to bless us with the feeling we look immaculate. Glowing, clear skin can of course be boosted with proper skin care, enough sleep and healthy eating, but sometimes it just might need a little more TLC…

IMG_1098..and a little extra coverage to give yourself that “I look and feel amazing” confidence boost, bright and early in the morning. I’ve spoken to you already about BB Creams and my favourite picks, and today I will brief you on foundations – a product that gives you slightly more coverage than the lighter BB cream that comes in a mega array of various options.

What is Foundation?

Foundation is usually a skin-colored product used to even out your complexion. Matching your skin tone, it covers flaws and blemishes, and creates a uniform skin-colouring.

What does it do?

As mentioned above, foundation is used primarily to leave your skin looking flawless. On the one hand it can cover up imperfections and blemishes, on the other it could even slightly alter your skin tone and decrease signs of ageing. Generally you select a colour that matches your skin. It is the simplest and least time-consuming way of finding the right amount of coverage. Makeup artists however, sometimes intentionally choose a mismatch for the desired result. As with concealers, using different coloured tones can help minimise the appearance of what you wish to cover; for example a complexion that is generally red can be minimised by using a clear, beige-toned foundation. This proves also that the colour in the bottle will look differently once applied to your face.

There are three basic tones in the cosmetic world: Warm (yellowish), Cool (Blueish) and Neutral (Redish). I found a few sites online that help determine what your skin tone is. Knowing this is crucial for selecting the correct coloured foundation.

Lovelyish: Extensive information about warm/cool skin tones

Quiz: Popsugar created a quiz to find out what skin tone you are

Video: How to determine neutral/warm/cool

When selecting your foundation, it is also important to know what kind of coverage you wish to have. There are four different kinds:

  • Sheer: very transparent, contains least amount of pigment. It won’t hide discolorations but it will minimise the appearance
  • Light: enough coverage to conceal blotchiness and unevenness, but not freckles
  • Medium: covers most things like freckles, pimples, redness and blotchiness
  • Full: most opaque; conceals things like birthmarks and scars. Also known as camouflage “makeup”

After you have the coverage and tint figured out, you also have to know what type of foundation suits you the most.

There are various different kinds on the market, like oil/emollient based, powder based, silicone based, water based and mineral makeup. I will speak about my favourites and the advantages/disadvantages in my next Beauty to the Pointe post.

How do I use it?

Using a sponge (powder based), brush (liquid) or fingers, apply your foundation beginning at the nose and spreading all over your face. Don’t forget to cover areas like under your chin for a flawless transition! Seal the makeup with a (slightly tinted) loose or compact powder and a big powder brush.


Even looking skin with the desired result of reduced redness, less wrinkles or more freshness!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

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