Manicure Monday: Brown Sugar

Everything is better with Butter…

Bread and Butter, oodles of noodles with a pool of Butter.. Butter with Butter.. yes it is a common known fact: Our world loves Butter! I personally don’t cook much with Butter; I use it for Persian rice or hash browns; you know, the important stuff… it just isn’t a staple in my diet. Unlike peanutBUTTER 😉 oh and nail polish by Butter London. That Butter is currently a daily occurrence…

IMG_1151The current shade: Brown Sugar


The polish is thick and dark and coats the nail nicely. I painted on two coats and was left with a warm, caramel, glittery colour. A lot like Brown Sugar melted in Butter.. yuuuumm


This is my favourite Butter London polish by far. I am extremely pleased with the results and how long it lasted – it barely even chipped!




IMG_1153Very happy 😀

IMG_1175With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

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