Funky Friday: I walk through life En Pointe!

Backlights off, stage lights on, the floor trembles from intense bass. The crowd roars as the show begins. Adrenaline floods my veins, sweat beads on my forehead. We dance, the focus of attention, high with pride. The hours of strenuous practice were worth it.

Exhilaration of performing is one aspect of dance, my passion for 14 years. Starting with classic ballet at 3, continuing with the more urban hiphop at 11, and adding modern, jazz, tango — everyone calls me dance-crazy. I find myself randomly practicing new moves, regardless of my surroundings.

Picture waiting for a bus and starting to rhythmically head-bop to some music.This meager bop becomes a roll of the neck and shoulders, then a rippling reaction in your arms, initiating a body wave, infecting the rest of your upper body with a Cambré, finally echoing in your feet, throwing in a rond de jambe here, a Moonwalk there or even a pirouette.

I’m not befuddled by my dance-outbursts because I walk through life en pointe.


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