Thinking Out Loud Thursday

I’ve been enjoying these link-ups lately. Since I’m currently working on a Beauty to the Pointe post, I thought I would join in on the fun and write down some of my thoughts this Thursday 🙂


1. I went to the cinema twice this week

For someone who doesn’t go often, I managed to watch two movies within three days. The first was the Hobbit, and the second Fack Ju Göthe (hilarious)! Popcorn was a definite must – both times 😉



2. I’ve finally gotten my hands on the elusive “Cupcake”

One I read about the Lush Facemask “Cupcake” on  A Perfect Masquerade, I’ve been frequenting the Lush locations in Zurich in hopes of finally being able to purchase it. Every single time they were sold out, until today.. when I bought the last one! Can’t wait to try it!



3. My current go-to drink at Starbucks is a Matcha Green Tea Latte with Soy Milk, without Syrup


And I’ve had it twice this week so far…

mhhhhhhhm greeeeeen

mhhhhhhhm greeeeeen

4. I went to the mountains for the day and didn’t quite finish unpacking my suitcase..



..and this is what happened 🙂

5. I need to write a new Therapy for the Conceal-a-holic post because my list is growing and growing


What do you think of this lovely nail polish?

6. I’ve been spending a lot of time in town this week and took moments to really appreciate the beauty of the city




my old high school


From Paradeplatz




A rainbow

7. One of my closest friends from SLC sent me this precious Ballerina Necklace for my Birthday


8. I’ve fallen in love with Ed Sheeran’s I see fire, and am currently listening to a weird array of songs



IMG_1189 IMG_1190

9. Fruity Bubble Tea – Loving it


10. It’s great to be home…

IMG_1179Macaroons in the colours of Zurich 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxox

9 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday

  1. Mm excellent varnish! I would tell “yes” 😉 By the way, it seems to me, the cinema looks absolutely on another without popcorn. I always take a portion when I get to movie theater… Even despite all sugar that there is… It seems to me, at that popcorn that you prepare houses – absolutely other taste

  2. Oh that polish is absolutely beautiful. But then again, Butter can do no wrong in my eyes. And I’m so jealous you managed to get your hands on Cupcake! I’ve been hearing some amazing things about it, but I haven’t had any luck when it comes to actually getting my hands on some. Hopefully it lives up to the hype!

    • I will definitely be letting you know about ‘cupcake’. I hope so too 🙂 yes you’re right butter really never goes wrong! I’ve fallen head over heels for nearly every single varnish by them that I have tried out to date 🙂 thanks for your comment!

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