Manicure Monday: LE SMOKING and LEADING LADY

IMG_1034Everyone enjoys a beautiful ruby-red from time to time.

IMG_1031I’ve always respected the colour red. It has always been a colour associated with being a grown up, and I never felt comfortable wearing it. Pink, coral, maybe even a dark magenta – but never red!

IMG_1033Even today, I can’t wear the classic colour without mixing it up in some funky way. This time, I went with two different shades on both hands – Estée Lauder Le Smoking on one, and a sparkly Essie number called Leading Lady on the other.


The colours were selected primarily by shade, but looking at their names, they really do fit together. The gorgeous “Leading Lady” accompanied by a dashing “Le Smoking” is a match made in heaven. 😉 Imagine that…

IMG_1027One day, maybe, I’ll feel “grown-up” enough to wear just red. But until then I’ll leave the colour to my mom, who always chooses a nice, classical red over any other colour – in typical grown-up, ladylike fashion – and I’ll stick with the funky blues, greens and lilacs for the time being.

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo




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