TOP 13 POSTS OF 2013

It’s the last Tuesday of 2013. This past year has gone by so quickly, and so much has happened in this short period of time. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of my readers for supporting me and my blog. I really appreciate that there is SOMEONE out there reading this little bit of pink and sparkly web space 🙂

This post is a summary of all of your favourite blog posts. I was quite happy to see a mixture of all the things I enjoy writing about 🙂 My readers and I seem to have a lot in common, which is what writing and following a blog is all about! So here it is, the top 13 posts of 2013:

You all loved my very first manicure Monday post. I loved that one too – it was one of my closest friend’s wedding and the theme of “what nail polish would a bride wear” was great inspiration for a first blog post.

A close second was my post about Jazz Dance. It was a fun post to write as I looked back to what I expected Jazz dance to be like and compared it to the real thing – keyword: JAZZ HANDS

I was really excited about seeing this post among the top three. This was one of my favourite pre-dance snacks and I’m happy you guys liked it as much as I did! Let’s give a round of applause for cookie-dough oats everybody! 🙂

You guys were also very interested in reading about my life in New York, despite the frequency of my posts slowly decreasing. I wrote here about how college life, at the beginning, took a massive toll on my writing and time-management capabilities, and how I was coping by frequently using face masks to relax 🙂

You guys didn’t just want to know about New York though. Zurich was luckily also a point of interest, especially when I wrote about one of our bigger outdoor parties here, the Zürifäscht. 

Yet another post about SARAH LAWRENCE COLLEGE among the top 13! I’m glad you enjoyed reading about it more than I enjoyed actually living it 😉 Here I also highlighted some of my favourite mascaras, which I also mentioned here!

I was very pleased to see two more dance posts among the reader’s favourites. I really hope to spend more time writing about dance in the New Year, as my writing has become slightly more concentrated on beauty products lately. How about making “more dance” a New Year’s resolution, eh? 🙂 I definitely want to expand on my “Funky Friday” posts!

This post was a great experience. I started going back to Ballet, and was discovered by a really nice fellow dance blogger who suggested doing a link-up about “what’s in our ballet bags”. Wonderful!

This is one of my favourite breakfast smoothies. Despite its name, it’s also super healthy!

Yaaaaay you guys also liked learning some Swiss German! I guess I must also resolve to write a few more of these, huh 😉

Oh, and funny enough, you also seemed to enjoy my attempt to attract more men to my pink and sparkly blog. I wonder what the gender distribution on this post was like 🙂

Top post number 13 was when I wrote about my yoga experience.

Seeing all the posts you enjoyed, I feel much more reassured about the mix of topics I include on this blog. Sure, my blog was originally going to be about dance and makeup, but then life got in the way, and this blog became a great outlet to talk about things beyond pirouettes and lip gloss. Especially now that I am more interested in finding out about how muscles work and how to push my fitness to the next level, I haven’t been attending as many dance classes anymore. I do however plan on getting back into dance, now that I am back in Zurich, and look forward to seeing how better fitness might influence my dancing. Also, I hope to become more vegan in 2014, and would really like to share that experience with you guys!

Thank you again for all your love and support!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

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