Manicure Monday

Finally I’m back on schedule with my Manicure Monday Posts!

IMG_0989This was my nail look for my birthday.

IMG_0996I decided to embellish my nails even more, graduating from leathery nails to beaded nails in under 24 hours. Reasons? Hmmm..

I’m still asking myself why I now have over 4 layers of polish on my nails. Maybe my constant nail polish application is a reflection of my character? Or maybe more of my character flaws… 😉

IMG_0992Whatever the reason (how about laziness?) I now have beaded nails! They’re fun to touch, but not too appealing to the eye

IMG_1014I paired them with a pink, fluffy, sparkly dress, clunky shoes and a shoulder-padded jeans jacket

IMG_1018Nothing screams “I’m no longer a teenager” like a bright pink dress and beaded nails. Nothing.

IMG_1016Looks different without the accessories. Almost fit for a little girl’s princess-themed birthday party. Almost.

I’ll always be a little girl running around in a fluffy dress and a tiara at heart.


I’m luckily not too old for decorated birthday cakes

IMG_1019..with a warm welcome from the dogs in my life 🙂

IMG_1021In case you were wondering, decorated cakes are kind of a thing at my birthday.

282837_10152370688695245_854448118_n19th Birthday

393435_10151107757150245_1702280871_n18th Birthday

68152_10150345765280245_6026321_n17th Birthday (see the pink present-shaped one?!)

My parents get super creative 🙂

This year, I went out to a restaurant that specialises in molecular cuisine. After that I went to drinks and dancing with my friends

IMG_1003Glass of Prosecco

IMG_1002Christmas lights

My makeup-highlight for the night was mascara

IMG_1017..and lots and lots of glitter 🙂

IMG_1015I also received a little gift from Sephora!

After getting home late and sleeping very little, my mom and I went out for some final shopping and roasted chestnuts


And later on we decorated the tree


Here’s to the Roaring Twenties 😉

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo










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