Thanksgiving Saturday etc

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Food. Tis the season to be round and jolly. I don’t know about you, but because I eat a diet of mainly fruit and vegetables, portion control has never been one of my strong points. Now while I have been told that my over-consumption of grapes, berries and cucumbers is hereditary, there is no sign in my DNA that speaks for a frequent indulgence in things my body does not function well on, i.e. any normal kind of food other people are lucky enough to be able to eat daily, but if I eat them one time too many I generally turn into one of the snowballs depicted above. Being in college has definitely had this “snowball effect” on me (use of amazing figurative term intended 😉 ). Food is available EVERYWHERE in this consumerism-run country, and it is hard to stick to my finally perfected, 80 % raw diet. The lack of fresh produce at my school has made me fine tune my diet in ways that end up in me consuming way too many cans of nuts, cups of tofu and rice in search for healthy alternatives to what is offered here. My choices are not technically unhealthy, but they do begin to leave you slightly more “bulky” when you only ate them for one or two of your meals in the day, like I was used to, and not depended on them completely!


Cooking veggies


Late night snack


That’s why I decided to do a short cleanse while back at home, eating like I used to again!


Salad at the Pain Quotidian with Goat’s Cheese, roasted pumpkin and quinoa taboulé

I felt AMAZING after revamping my nutrition (says she munching on a few whole grain tortilla chips, while waiting for a sushi delivery….) I will definitely go back to it when I go back home, as a diet lacking in fresh produce and super foods has a terrible effect on my mood, my energy and my general well-being.

At this point in my life, I’m happy to finally have figured out what foods I function best on! Too bad I’m not always able to remember that when wooed by things like double chocolate chip cookie cheesecake bites, greasy burritos and the works. “I’ll start again tomorrow…” is the way I generally end my day, stomach bloated, feeling way too tired and wanting to sleep forever. Oh, when will I learn from my mistakes..

Anyhoo, back to Saturday. I was continuing my cleanse, and started off my morning with a little pilates with my father.

IMG_0803This was taken post workout. I was amazed my how fit my dad was.. the exercises were tough and left me in a pool of sweat, despite my daily dance classes and 5 x a week workouts!

After pilates I had made myself lunch and went back to studying. Then, around 5, this wonderful, bestest girl showed up

IMG_0744…and picked me up to go to a ball!


IMG_0736The theme was New York Nights

IMG_0811The pictures speak for themselves. The night was an absolute blast!

Also along for the ride: my best friend

IMG_0747Who also made a countdown, counting the days to my return home

IMG_0845The night started with us getting dressed and my wonderful mom driving us to the university where the ball was being held.

IMG_0805My makeup for the night



The University

IMG_0806The inside

IMG_0810Notice the Empire State Building 😉

The cocktails:

IMG_0808Cosmos for us two. They were delicious, buuuuuuuuuut, I hadn’t had eaten dinner and was still on my cleanse; read: I needed to get food and fast! All my good intentions –> out the window

IMG_0809Brownie time!

..and once I got home I had to remind myself:

IMG_0801 😉 that made me feel better about my slip-up that weekend.

I got home at a reasonable time, as I had a flight back to NYC the next morning!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxox












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