High Protein Flight and stressful College Life

After my eventful weekend in Zürich, it was time for me to return to New York. To make sure I continued in my regained healthy ways back at college, I decided to have an ultra high protein day and packed things like tofu, egg white omelette, Quest Bars and Greek yoghurt for the trip.

Breakfast was quark with Apricot jam, no sugar added

IMG_0245IMG_0594At the airport I stopped to purchase some chocolates for my friends, and came across a massive tub of Nutella

IMG_0813I also bought myself some Rivella while waiting for my flight. Rivella is a very Swiss drink, and I really missed it in the States


IMG_0814My plan to eat well worked out more or less, but I found myself constantly snacking on the foods I took along, and not really waiting for hunger to kick in, which then resulted in me having no more food relatively soon into the 8 hour flight…



IMG_0778Chocolate was the only thing I had left available…

Once back in New York, my college life recommenced. Stress built, healthy eating decreased… I did however manage to keep up with my workout schedule!

IMG_0824I also started to eat oatmeal nearly every day for breakfast!

IMG_0839PB and J oatmeal

IMG_0830Pumpkin Spice oatmeal made with Coconut Milk


IMG_0856Creamy Earl Grey Oatmeal with Cashew Nut Butter

IMG_0821More Earl Grey Oats (it’s my favourite! I just adore Cashew Nut Butter, plus I was trying to finish everything off before leaving on Monday!)

IMG_0655Chocolate Brownie Oatmeal made with almond butter





More Earl Grey OatsPhoto on 23-11-13 at 09.59And a massive smoothie bowl 🙂

To balance out the stress, I’ve been going out with my friends a lot so that we don’t go mad on this campus

IMG_0443I went to a basketball game

IMG_0441Made Vegan Edible Cookie Dough as seen at Chocolate Covered Katie

IMG_0615Went out and ordered in Sushi

IMG_0700Found amazing Ben and Jerry’s Flavours (didn’t buy any of these though…)

Got into a few snowball fights because it has snowed here

IMG_0835IMG_0844IMG_0825Went to see the Nutcracker

IMG_0823Got freaked out over Christmas chocolate


IMG_0826Went out for Pizza

IMG_0895and Froyo

IMG_0874Worked on a performance

IMG_0875Read a few fortunes

IMG_0871Got my nails done




Went to Sephora for Xmas shopping

IMG_0889(became a VIB ROUGE MEMBER!)

IMG_0886Found some new amazing products that I need to purchase in the future


IMG_0883(love the Concealer Names!)

IMG_0885Xmas decorations

IMG_0884Hotel Empire in the distance 😉

IMG_0869A few trips to Whole Foods

IMG_0848And continued to work on my Chocolate Calendar

While constantly missing these two

IMG_0802Wow these last two weeks have really flown by, my semester and New York experience is coming to a close, and will be returning to Zurich on Monday! Time flies…

IMG_0699Especially when you spend your time snap chatting 😉

IMG_0435and eating madeleines that your teacher brings you

IMG_0418Or obsessing over products you want/need/can’t have

IMG_0614Or just eating too much peanut butter

994633_10151990951215731_1948602882_n..and other things



IMG_0702Time flies way too fast…

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxox


































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