Guess who is doing Laundry again

Photo on 08-12-13 at 20.18

Back to where dreams go to die… or in non-college people terms “I’m doing laundry – again”.

Yet again, I’m sitting right outside of the laundry room, making sure no one steals my underwear and dance clothes while attempting to do something academic like read Keats or Baudelaire. It never works out for me though. Something about the laundry air, the constant battle over the machines and the dryers, the 30 minute wait for the clothes to wash and then the awkward carrying of your wet, freshly washed clothing over to the dryers. It’s all very distracting from your work. So I blog instead… and boy do I have loads to tell you this week!

We left off at my girls day in Bronxville, where I got my nails done and my metabolism soaring high from a major caffeine kick. Those nails were a big part of my outfit just a week later when I went to the Polyball back home in Zürich. Yes, you read that right, I went home for Thanksgiving and joined the über-glamorous jet setter life; I flew in on Wednesday morning, celebrated Thanksgiving Thursday evening, went to a Ball on Saturday and flew back to New York on Sunday.

Let’s backtrack to the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the day I flew back to Zürich.

All packed and ready to go, I made sure I had a couple of snacks for the trip.



I do not enjoy going hungry on a seven hour flight with no access to anything but airplane food (which wasn’t even too bad that time, I ordered the western vegetarian menu and was given rice with vegetables).

The problem with packing snacks though is, if you have nothing else to do, you are going to want to eat it. All. Constantly. Which I did. Instead of sleep. Priorities…..


My failed attempt to portion control the most delicious honey-glazed cashews. I must constantly remind myself not to buy them, as they have become by dinner on too regular a basis.

Also, don’t pack snacks for an overnight plane ride and expect to not eat them before you actually get into your seat. Because waiting happens, and food will start calling out to you and suddenly you will have peanut butter all over your face with the people around you thinking you have gone mad, eating peanut butter with a spoon. Not speaking from experience here…just a suggestion *ahem*

IMG_0776I opted for the precious squeezable packs instead of an entire jar. I attempt to use any type of portion control. Some work, most don’t.

(I didn’t eat all of my stash before the flight. The super cookies for example were devoured by my hungry mom after picking me up, who then started complaining – during and after finishing them – that I shouldn’t have offered her any. Oh, how I had missed home..)

Once in the plane, I checked out all the movies available. The Heat with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock was playing, so I knew I had to watch it, as McCarthy is currently my favourite actress. I also started watching Driving Miss Daisy, but fell asleep somewhere near the beginning, which is great because I had a busy weekend ahead of me and definitely needed a bit of rest!

I awoke to a breakfast for queens



Travelling should not be an excuse to eat terribly, which is why I had packed snacks, but I can never, EVER, pass up on the Swiss Chocolate. It’s the best of the best of chocolate. I honestly don’t know why they’re better than any other chocolate in Switzerland. But the ones on the plane are perfectly sized, cool and creamy and we always ask for two 😉

Back in Zurich, I was picked up by my mom (see above) and taken home to see these little cuties.

IMG_0802I really missed them and proceeded to taking them on walks and snap-chatting every second of it.

IMG_0794I also went into town to see my best friend and eat all of my favourite food.

IMG_0781Vegan-vegetarian food at Tibits with a big mug of Jasmine tea!

Later on I enjoyed my favourite tofu curries at Nagasui with my mom before crashing in my amazingly comfy bed as soon as I got home around 9ish. For not really having slept on the plane, I was proud to not need to succumb to jet lag and got to bed at a relatively normal time! 😉

Stay tuned for Thanksgiving’s happenings…

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo





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