Sometimes life gets in the way of things you normally set out to do. Take today for example: I really wanted to finally do my laundry, and yet again the dryers weren’t working, or were already being used.Photo on 21-11-13 at 22.49This is the second time this has happened to me in the past 3 weeks. Last time, I decided to pass on drying my clothes, but ended up with muggy-smelling, weirdly-wrinkled shirts. This time, I decided to set up camp outside the laundry room while my clothes were washing, and pounced at the next open dryer. (Which just happened now at 22:56!!) whoop whoop

Other ways life gets to you: wanting to lose weight and follow a clean eating diet, but then you go to college…

1461401_692531120759428_746341384_nAnd it’s someone’s birthday..and you decide to get them a cannoli cake..


And four girls manage to finish the cake within a matter of seconds… ugh. 1385721_692535644092309_442116663_n

I guess I needed it though.. I’ve been trying so hard to be healthy and eat well, but fell into the cliché of trying out diet fads like the raw food/vegan diet, the Dukan diet and many, many more. None of them worked over a longer period of time, hence the cake-necessity as depicted above. Binge-eating, ahoy!

Currently however, I have not only grown tired of diets, but also of junk food. I’ve hit the 2.5 month bench mark of college, and already cannot stand their chocolate chip cookies or their sweet potato fries. I don’t want their pasta, but crave a massive bowl of rice from time to time (oh how Iranian of me). Also, I’ve grown weary of the processed protein bars I’ve been eating to attempt any way of portion control or to satisfy my sweet tooth (Also a very Iranian thing: never knowing when too much fruit is too much; or does that just run in my family?!)

So what do you do when the much-dreaded “Freshman Fifteen” begin to show, but you know you need to eat somehow. Well.. I decided to let my inner health nut out to frolic and play and will elaborate on my quest to eat healthily and be happy and healthy at college in yet another sub-category on this blog: The Discoveries of a Nutritionist’s Daughter!


I’ve also started to become more and more interested in how muscles work and have started going to the gym and yoga frequently, while also trying to listen to my body i.e. if my legs and joints hurt because running on the treadmill is not as good as I thought it was for my body, I will adjust my time at the gym accordingly. I’m also focusing a lot on strength training to build muscle. Muscle is also made in the kitchen don’t forget! 🙂

IMG_0416I’ve learned to plan out “me time”. It might mean I socialise less, but that makes each meal with friends, each girls night out and each Froyo date even more savorable and enjoyable! I’ve begun to go to bed early and get up at 6 am because I know I will get more studying done early morning than late at night when I end up doing things I forgot to do during the day (like laundry). I’ve also learned when I have time to study and when I know I won’t be able to concentrate and decide to use that time to see friends or go to the gym or even just sit outside in the sun while reading up on the news or my favourite blogs!

Coffee Date

Coffee Date

This is my second week trying to focus on myself, and while I only have 4 more weeks until all my papers are due, it’s never too late to take time for yourself and put yourself first. When you are happy and not stressed, the whole world around you will begin to look different and more positive! I’ve definitely noticed a mood switch after extinguishing negative people from my life and changing bad habits!

Also, the occasional retail therapy helps… especially when you end up purchasing Peanut Butter.


994633_10151990951215731_1948602882_nWhen I don’t have enough time to really concentrate on myself, a spoonful of this magical goodness does the trick for a quick pick-me-up 😉

So stay tuned as I rediscover life, health and college. I’m excited 😉

With chia seeds and almond butter (ha ha ha), Anoushé xoxo





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