Yoga – Continued

I leave the studio after receiving Vasili’s business card. He recommended the practice as part of my training, as he definitely thought it could help not only my dance training but also my stress levels and self-perception. I however, was not planning on returning. I was frustrated by the intensity of the class and bored with holding a position for a long time, not knowing what exactly I was working on. My mind was not present and constantly drifting to the work I had left to do, or the dinner plans I had made. I was also at a point in my life where every kind of physical activity had to cause a sweat to be counted as a sport, which at the time was not what I saw in my practice of yoga – oh, how I was wrong.

Fast forward to my second semester of high school. My mom and I decide to spend more time together and immediately mother-daughter yoga classes became a thing. I really wanted to give Yoga another shot, but was still slightly confused by my first experience. I finally manage to muster up the courage when my mom bribes me with the promise to take me out to a restaurant after (or was it me using this to convince her?). We check the beginner classes online and head to the studio.

My second attempt at taking a yoga class was taught by Vasili’s wife, Maya. She first asked us of any injuries we may have and any sports we do. Then, during the class, she used this information to improve the exercises individually. I received help with all the forward bends for example, as I was always trying to pull myself down instead of letting my body tell me how far it can go.

Maya asked to speak with me after class, to which I obliged. She said she noticed the discipline I had and how this could either make or break me. She noticed it was hard for me to switch off during class, especially at the end  during Savasana. She realized my mom was also distracted during the relaxation, and learned that she and I are hyperactive overachievers, always thinking about the next thing we have to do. For yoga however, I had to learn to apply my scholarly discipline to find my inner chi…

To be continued!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


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