Tuesdays and Tutus

Guess who is inspired to choreograph again?

I’ve been trying to dance to this song for a while now, but have not managed to get much more than one or two counts of eight. Today however my creative juices were replenished while taking a contemporary class with Enzo Celi, a guest choreographer invited to our school for a workshop lesson. I’m not sure what it was, whether it was his Italian charm that made me remember my passion for choreography, his European flair and accent that reminded me of home, or his free and flowy choreography similar to those I cherish in my memories from my classes back home.

Whatever triggered my creativity, I’m glad it did; school work has slowly been getting to me and on top of that dance was slowly becoming an unnecessary chore and time-waster that I would sometimes even consider skipping (GASP) for an extra hour of sleep or study. Now I’m feeling the total opposite, with any small dance step barely quenching my thirst for new sequences and ideas! I’m all bubbly with energy and constantly eager to get to the studio to dance. I even showed parts of my ideas so far to my friends in my Uggs while walking to class – but come to think of it when don’t I dance in wide open spaces?

I’ll be posting a video of my dance up soon (not in Uggs!) I have an amazing dancer friend here who will be helping me out with the partnering (yes, I am planning it as a pas de deux! :))

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


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