Did any of you watch Keeping up Appearances?

IMG_0339Picture a well put-together woman living in the suburbs in England that would love to associate herself with the Queen, constantly on the lookout for the next step up the social ladder, like her rich sister Violet, while trying to forget about her just above working-class sisters Daisy and Rose. Despite her last name being Bucket, she pronounces it “bouquet”; she is obsessed with making herself look more affluent than she really is.

I grew up watching this British sitcom with my parents… and I could only think of her when I laid my eyes on the name of this polish.


This shade of Butter London is called “Dahling”. Isn’t it daaaaarling? 😉 It’s a posh, darkish pink that would definitely go well with a small dog, a large hat, and a classic Mini in British Racing Green, driving with the top down on the way to visit Prince Harry at a polo game. Yes I can see that happening.. If only it took one fresh coat of varnish to transport you to royal territory. Oh, Kate, tell me, what more did you have to do? 😉 (Speaking of Kate, Butter made a shade I am considering purchasing as well. It’s called “No more waity, Katie” and it’s a soft glittery purple – Prince Charming not included.)


IMG_0328This was my first time using Butter and I have to say I was slightly thrown off by its packaging: The top has to be pulled off before you can unscrew the brush..



IMG_0334(Excuse my attempt to create cool and “pop-arty pictures..)

The colour is strong and doesn’t really need a second or a top coat – it definitely steals the show without much support. I did not enjoy the brush size though – OPI has definitely spoiled me there 😉



Daaaahling, I’m ready for my close-up 😉

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

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