Weekend Things

Time flies when you are having fun. Time also flies when you are at a liberal arts college and you seem to have come to the conclusion that you will be majoring in procrastination…

Either way, my literature-intense studies in both French and Romanticism are getting the better of me at times, and today I found myself pinching myself to stay awake.  College life..

..or was it the 9 am Spongebob wake-up calls I received this past weekend when my father came to visit?! Oh how I had missed the high-pitched squealing laughter of that yellow square-panted sponge. It really took me back to those weekends growing up when my 9-year-old self would awaken to  said exact laughter because my father would turn the TV up way too loud and I could hear it clearly across the hall. And it wasn’t only my enjoyment of Spongebob that this visit resurrected, I was also brought a bit of my homeland.


As begged and pleaded for in this past post, I received a green box of Teuscher champagne truffles. Life is better with champagne truffles, and my father knows that (and me) well 🙂

Also part of my care package was Garnier BB Cream concealer! Why don’t they sell that here?

After receiving my wonderful chocolate, we went out for a Mexican Japanese Fusion meal and discovered the massive M&M store!



Sparkly M&Ms!!! OH MYYYY



Hopp Schwiiz! 🙂




After finding the totally americanised Teuscher!


..and nearly ran into Chuck Bass.


We also spent some time in the Lindt store.. chocolate-deficiency? Swiss-deficiency more likely… it’s not like I would ever suddenly crave Hershey’s.

And for those of you who thought I spent my weekend eating chocolate and fantasizing over Gossip Girl, you are definitely not mistaken. Buuuuuut I also did some cultural things.


I went to the MoMa and realised yet again that I lack the understanding for modern art… why can’t we go back to Impressionistic Art. It’s so much more calm and tranquil..and pretty!

We also took some great pictures of the city!


2013-10-06 11.35.58


On Sunday we both had our first New York Bagel (not very impressive on my part since I have been living here for over a month now…)


Say hello to my whole wheat everything bagel with walnut cinnamon cream cheese! Yum!

Coffee was also enjoyed at some point on Sunday..


20131006_103922Later that day, my dad received a tour of my campus, where I finally took the necessary “stand with your college sign” picture.

1378300_10153358576870245_708614959_nI guess I belong here now 😉

That was the fun part of my weekend! I also wrote a French essay, rehearsed for a dance performance I will elaborate on a bit later and read and read and read until my eyeballs hated me. Maybe college life is a larger problem than Spongebob after all 😉

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

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