Week Four

Last week, I told you about my dance schedule and how I stopped wearing make up, but made sure I would wear face masks and take care of my skin instead. Natural glow, check!

The past weekend I continued the care routine with another mask – much to my friends delight. We celebrated a birthday on Friday, and while cleaning up the next day I decided to multi-task with a mask.. which scared the birthday girl (ohh that first bit rhymed!). If I remember correctly, I believe she said I looked like a faded out ghost..

The night before though I finally got to wear some of my favorite makeup.


I present to you, my college mascara collection.

Photo on 9-29-13 at 7.43 PM #2This covers the most important lash helpers. You’ve got the Mac volume, the L’oréal Glitter, and the Lancome fake-eyelash maker. Very back to Basics, but absolutely essential for lovely lashes. To round out the gang though, there is one pièce de résistance..

Photo on 9-29-13 at 7.43 PM #3This mascara masterpiece by Givenchy. I owe my lash beauty in this picture to this mascara (and to a great photographer). This mascara does not only work, it is also aesthetically an eye-catcher (while serving as an eye-opener.. har har har).

*Heart Melting*

Dressing up has lately become a special and dear thing to me. I much sooner break out the heels and cute dresses, even if I am just doing laundry, because most of the time you will see me looking like this around campus:




IMG_0276Yes, I have broken out the Uggs!

In preparation for the afore-mentioned birthday party, I finally did my nails. Doing this however made me realise I was in desperate need of retail therapy. I was also trying to cheer up a friend who was having a bad day by reading out a couple of nail polish names while selecting them online.

Yesterday, 3 of them arrived.

IMG_0296I finally ventured out of OPI and Essie territory and decided to purchase Butter London. The names were swoon-some. But wait…is that? My.. my oh my.. this is bad.. very bad..

IMG_0298One of them arrived damaged!! An entire corner was cracked and chipped off; the insides of the box they arrived in was drenched in polish and one of the other polishes was covered in colour.. You think it couldn’t get any worse than that right? They are going to replace it, right? Well, yes they will be doing that, BUT I was most annoyed by the fact the one polish I was excited by was unusable.. And can you guess why especially that color had grown on me? It’s name.. it was called “dahling”! Luckily for me, I had “crumpet” and “brown sugar” to comfort me in my mournfully darling-less state.

On that disappointed note, look at them abs:


IMG_0304And at these cereal milk flavored froyos from the Milk Bar:


IMG_0305I guess you can tell I went into the city 🙂

The reason for this Monday evening field trip was to watch a show for our Dance History class. We have to review a performance and “Fall for Dance” was perfect for that.

IMG_0297We just made sure we got a couple of pictures down before we took notes on dance…

That wasn’t the only fun event these past few days; I also went to a soccer game!

IMG_0299Go Gryphons! 😀

Tomorrow I will be leaving campus to go into the city to visit my father who is here to see ME 🙂 Let’s hope he brings me champagne truffles or Luxembourgli.. no pressure, whatever works 😉

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo








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