Manicure Monday – Finally!

Guess who finally managed to:

1. Do her nails

2. Find time between homework and rehearsals to blog about it

3. Post an entry about it by Monday


I think you know who..


For this week’s manicure I chose a dark, crimson red. I feel very grown up now.


This OPI polish is called from A to Z Zurich and you can tell it was a deliberate choice because of its name 😉 (and I’m pairing this manicure with a Glitzerland pedicure)


It’s a nice red; not a classic Chanel, but an elegant and classy alternative, a good “little red nail polish” to have on hand.

IMG_0287Especially when you need a quick, not perfect, touch up before a friends birthday party! 🙂

IMG_0288Manicure Monday while at College: Mission Accomplished (for now… ;))

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

One thought on “Manicure Monday – Finally!

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