Wasn’t this meant to be a dance and beauty blog?

My dear Blog-osphere community, dear family and friends…

What has become of my blog? What has happened to this once manicure-crazy, half Iranian Swiss girl with a passion for dance and writing cutesy, funny posts? I went from posting three times daily to every so often, to maybe, if lucky, once every other week! It has happened…


College has happened..


I am going mad…

New people, new courses, new names, new food, new-found unstylish days walking around with no make-up and in my dance clothes all day.


I have become… Americanized!

Who knew I – of all people – , who swears by concealer and at least a little bit of powder before EVER leaving the house; never going in to town without an okay-ish outfit; changing out of my dance clothes before setting foot outside the studio; Who would’ve ever thought that I could:

– Go to brunch in my pyjamas

-Walk around without any makeup, unless I don’t have a dance class

-Wear my dance clothes all day because I have class at odd times

-Not be judged because everyone knows I am a dance third and am thus allowed to look tired and sweaty all day (yuck, but it has happened..)


When I dress normally and try to look like I would for school back home, people would ask me why I looked so fancy. I choose to wear kitten heals and skinny jeans and suddenly people think I’m dressing to impress. I don’t wear my dance clothes and suddenly my friends don’t even recognise me anymore… whaaaat?

Anyhoo, since this technically is a dance and cosmetics blog and not so much a “Day in Anoushé’s shoes” blog, let me bring myself back to basics.

Morning College Routine:

The earliest classes here don’t start until 9am, and lucky me, being a dance third, I have movement classes every morning, which is great to wake me up! My first two weeks I would wash my face and apply some BB cream, but now, mid-week 3, I don’t even bother since it will all be off again by 11… I stick to the basics: Face Wash, Toner, moisturizer, Under Eye Toner

In the evenings, if I did manage to put on some make-up during the day, I use face wipes.


I got these hawaiian 3 in 1 towelettes at Whole Foods for easily removable make-up, but use eye make-up remover for the super-long-lasting stuff.

In addition to basic care, I am using a new face mask that I recently picked up when I was in need for more body lotion.





My pores have been in major need of some extra work and I really enjoyed this oatmeal scrub and mask from The Body Shop. It has inspired me to make my own this weekend! 🙂

IMG_0273Now I even feel confident without makeup 😉

So back to dance…

After I get dressed in my dance gear and pack an extra Tshirt and spray-deodorant (which they don’t even sell here!) I trek on over to the dance studios, which is on the other side of campus. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I take Contemporary and on the other two weekdays I’m in Ballet. In addition to the morning classes, I take a choreography and improv class on Tuesday afternoons, Improvisation on Thursday after Yoga and I recently started with Capoaira on Mondays and Thursdays!

This picture was taken after Capoaira last week, where we learned to play traditional instruments to a classic Capoaira song.



Yes, we have random shopping carts on campus (there are currently three on our floor!!).

And I am taking other classes too! I am currently in a Green Romanticism Literature class where we are reading everything from Rousseau to Frankenstein, and I’m also in a French class to brush up on my skills! There will be a few more additions to my schedule, which I will fill you in on soon 🙂

Oh and I made Persian Rice..

IMG_0269With a gas stove!

IMG_0264Happy times!

I cannot be content without my rice 🙂

Also, if I didn’t cook, my friends would be eating cereal for dinner 😉



Or peanut butter (ok I’m more guilty of that one…)


And when I’m not dancing, reading or cooking (eating…) I take pictures on campus…








IMG_0252My super-cute mug!

IMG_0250Room decoration 🙂

Now that you are up to date, and I have passed  on at least a bit of beauty knowledge, I will go to bed! As you now know, I have an “early” contemporary class 😉

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo






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