Sunday Blues

Have you ever had days where you wake up and think: This day needs peanut butter? Yes, you heard me.. it’s a thing. Or at least it is for me when I get woken up in the middle of the morning for an impromptu fire drill. (Actually I was just told that it was set off by someone making breakfast…)

Picture happily and peacefully dozing away, counting Z’s and sheep, when suddenly this computerized voice is penetrating your happy place.. warning of danger, emergencies and evacuations. You roll out of bed, not really knowing what is going on, notice your suite-mate running out the door and the flashing lights all over the apartment. Forgetting you are dressed in your dad’s old t-shirt and a pair of shorts too short for public (and with another school’s logo on it!), you grab your phone, keys and shoes and run out the door…

IMG_0416Only to not be able to run far because everyone is walking slowly like zombies, barely awake and not at all amused…

We stood around outside until we realized there was no emergency and it was just a drill; “slightly faster zombie walk back to bed…”

The unpleasant wake-up and inability to fall back asleep got me into surfing the web, where I for some weird and inexplicable reason found out that it was national peanut day on Friday the 13th!

Why didn’t I know this? I am known to my roommates as the girl who eats PB for breakfast and snacks and dinner, emptying a jar a week, purchasing a food processor in order to make my own.. This was big news for me. Huge! So I had to eat some ASAP! And I had just the butter to indulge in: Dark Chocolate Dreams by Peanut Butter and Co. Loving every bite, I decided to check the web for other flavours by that brand, and I came across this student pack with different peanut butters, oats and oatmeal mug! Perfection.. 🙂

In other news, I went into Manhattan yesterday!


I also managed to get lost on the subway trying to get to Soho.


Where I ate goat’s milk froyo, had a Persian feast of Adas Polo and bought a sweater because it was slightly chillier than expected…

IMG_0410And yes I had to have the matching ribbon..

IMG_0413The day seemed to revolve around food because at night I was introduced to Canolli:

IMG_0398Thank god I have daily dance lessons 😉

Week two of classes begin tomorrow, but I am going into the city tomorrow night for a “compulsory” dance performance and hopefully a new cosmetics purchase 😀

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


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