Manicure Monday – Finally!

Guess who finally managed to:

1. Do her nails

2. Find time between homework and rehearsals to blog about it

3. Post an entry about it by Monday


I think you know who..


For this week’s manicure I chose a dark, crimson red. I feel very grown up now.


This OPI polish is called from A to Z Zurich and you can tell it was a deliberate choice because of its name 😉 (and I’m pairing this manicure with a Glitzerland pedicure)


It’s a nice red; not a classic Chanel, but an elegant and classy alternative, a good “little red nail polish” to have on hand.

IMG_0287Especially when you need a quick, not perfect, touch up before a friends birthday party! 🙂

IMG_0288Manicure Monday while at College: Mission Accomplished (for now… ;))

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Wasn’t this meant to be a dance and beauty blog?

My dear Blog-osphere community, dear family and friends…

What has become of my blog? What has happened to this once manicure-crazy, half Iranian Swiss girl with a passion for dance and writing cutesy, funny posts? I went from posting three times daily to every so often, to maybe, if lucky, once every other week! It has happened…


College has happened..


I am going mad…

New people, new courses, new names, new food, new-found unstylish days walking around with no make-up and in my dance clothes all day.


I have become… Americanized!

Who knew I – of all people – , who swears by concealer and at least a little bit of powder before EVER leaving the house; never going in to town without an okay-ish outfit; changing out of my dance clothes before setting foot outside the studio; Who would’ve ever thought that I could:

– Go to brunch in my pyjamas

-Walk around without any makeup, unless I don’t have a dance class

-Wear my dance clothes all day because I have class at odd times

-Not be judged because everyone knows I am a dance third and am thus allowed to look tired and sweaty all day (yuck, but it has happened..)


When I dress normally and try to look like I would for school back home, people would ask me why I looked so fancy. I choose to wear kitten heals and skinny jeans and suddenly people think I’m dressing to impress. I don’t wear my dance clothes and suddenly my friends don’t even recognise me anymore… whaaaat?

Anyhoo, since this technically is a dance and cosmetics blog and not so much a “Day in Anoushé’s shoes” blog, let me bring myself back to basics.

Morning College Routine:

The earliest classes here don’t start until 9am, and lucky me, being a dance third, I have movement classes every morning, which is great to wake me up! My first two weeks I would wash my face and apply some BB cream, but now, mid-week 3, I don’t even bother since it will all be off again by 11… I stick to the basics: Face Wash, Toner, moisturizer, Under Eye Toner

In the evenings, if I did manage to put on some make-up during the day, I use face wipes.


I got these hawaiian 3 in 1 towelettes at Whole Foods for easily removable make-up, but use eye make-up remover for the super-long-lasting stuff.

In addition to basic care, I am using a new face mask that I recently picked up when I was in need for more body lotion.





My pores have been in major need of some extra work and I really enjoyed this oatmeal scrub and mask from The Body Shop. It has inspired me to make my own this weekend! 🙂

IMG_0273Now I even feel confident without makeup 😉

So back to dance…

After I get dressed in my dance gear and pack an extra Tshirt and spray-deodorant (which they don’t even sell here!) I trek on over to the dance studios, which is on the other side of campus. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I take Contemporary and on the other two weekdays I’m in Ballet. In addition to the morning classes, I take a choreography and improv class on Tuesday afternoons, Improvisation on Thursday after Yoga and I recently started with Capoaira on Mondays and Thursdays!

This picture was taken after Capoaira last week, where we learned to play traditional instruments to a classic Capoaira song.



Yes, we have random shopping carts on campus (there are currently three on our floor!!).

And I am taking other classes too! I am currently in a Green Romanticism Literature class where we are reading everything from Rousseau to Frankenstein, and I’m also in a French class to brush up on my skills! There will be a few more additions to my schedule, which I will fill you in on soon 🙂

Oh and I made Persian Rice..

IMG_0269With a gas stove!

IMG_0264Happy times!

I cannot be content without my rice 🙂

Also, if I didn’t cook, my friends would be eating cereal for dinner 😉



Or peanut butter (ok I’m more guilty of that one…)


And when I’m not dancing, reading or cooking (eating…) I take pictures on campus…








IMG_0252My super-cute mug!

IMG_0250Room decoration 🙂

Now that you are up to date, and I have passed  on at least a bit of beauty knowledge, I will go to bed! As you now know, I have an “early” contemporary class 😉

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo






Sunday Blues

Have you ever had days where you wake up and think: This day needs peanut butter? Yes, you heard me.. it’s a thing. Or at least it is for me when I get woken up in the middle of the morning for an impromptu fire drill. (Actually I was just told that it was set off by someone making breakfast…)

Picture happily and peacefully dozing away, counting Z’s and sheep, when suddenly this computerized voice is penetrating your happy place.. warning of danger, emergencies and evacuations. You roll out of bed, not really knowing what is going on, notice your suite-mate running out the door and the flashing lights all over the apartment. Forgetting you are dressed in your dad’s old t-shirt and a pair of shorts too short for public (and with another school’s logo on it!), you grab your phone, keys and shoes and run out the door…

IMG_0416Only to not be able to run far because everyone is walking slowly like zombies, barely awake and not at all amused…

We stood around outside until we realized there was no emergency and it was just a drill; “slightly faster zombie walk back to bed…”

The unpleasant wake-up and inability to fall back asleep got me into surfing the web, where I for some weird and inexplicable reason found out that it was national peanut day on Friday the 13th!

Why didn’t I know this? I am known to my roommates as the girl who eats PB for breakfast and snacks and dinner, emptying a jar a week, purchasing a food processor in order to make my own.. This was big news for me. Huge! So I had to eat some ASAP! And I had just the butter to indulge in: Dark Chocolate Dreams by Peanut Butter and Co. Loving every bite, I decided to check the web for other flavours by that brand, and I came across this student pack with different peanut butters, oats and oatmeal mug! Perfection.. 🙂

In other news, I went into Manhattan yesterday!


I also managed to get lost on the subway trying to get to Soho.


Where I ate goat’s milk froyo, had a Persian feast of Adas Polo and bought a sweater because it was slightly chillier than expected…

IMG_0410And yes I had to have the matching ribbon..

IMG_0413The day seemed to revolve around food because at night I was introduced to Canolli:

IMG_0398Thank god I have daily dance lessons 😉

Week two of classes begin tomorrow, but I am going into the city tomorrow night for a “compulsory” dance performance and hopefully a new cosmetics purchase 😀

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


College like a Pro

All I could think about this week, was that I have no manicure and no pedicure. I drifted off while doing homework, my mind focusing on colors and textures, I couldn’t concentrate during Contemporary class, looking down at my bare, uncolorful toes, color chipping off, vanishing more with each movement..

I had to put an end to this misery; I needed a manicure, and finally gave myself one, with the pretext, however, that I simultaneously put on a face mask…

Which is what I did..



A black, peel-off mask, that is.. much to my roommate’s joy.. 😉 The mask was an impulse-buy at Sephora last week because I had forgotten my Kiehl’s mask at home and had always wanted to try peel off masks. Putting on the mask was easy-ish; it was sort of a black, goopy mess, that stuck quickly, so I had to work fast. The instructions said to wait 20 minutes and then peel it off, so I sat at my desk, turned on America’s Next Top Model and decided to paint my nails.



I went back to my new-found fav, OPI liquid sand in shade Pussy Galore. Love…It…! I used this on only my left hand.



When I turned to my right nails, I was struck by nostalgia and a waft of homesickness. I thus chose a Swiss-named polish to, naturally, help cure it. Planning ahead while packing for college, I knew I would need some uplifting things to keep me going the first few weeks so I added these two colours to my “must take” list:


I had forgotten about “From A to Z-Urich”, so I chose Glitzerland, which is awesome in name and color 🙂


Plus it went really well with the pink sand.

Once my nails were more or less dry, it was time to peel off the mask. Again, much to my roommate’s (and other friend’s amusement), I confusedly tried to pry the – now dry –  goopy mess off of my face..easier said than done, I’ll tell you that! Whatever I didn’t manage to peel off was thankfully washable with water, which was a major relief as my hands had gone soot black! The result of the mask was pleasing, but barely noticeable..

As soon as ANTM was over I returned to finishing my homework; the model student in me not wanting to spend the whole evening on beauty 😉

I tried to get to bed at a reasonable time though, as I now have dance practice every morning at 9. This can be as serious as ballet or as fun as an interpretative dance on the lawn..


Oh and this was in the ballet studio 🙂



I go to an awesome school 😀

And with all things cute, funny and “out there” (remember: own the awkward), I got this as my fortune with Thai take-out:


Very fitting 🙂

I ate my curry and brown rice after a strenuous Capoeira class, where I was taught interesting dance/capoeira/martial arts techniques that made me feel a bit awkward at first but are actually really fun! Also fitting!

Speaking of food, my suite-mate had superman ice cream the other day!


And I finally got my peanut butter FroYo, which I enjoyed in my dance clothes 🙂

That’s all for today! I’m going into the City tomorrow so I’ve got to do my homework now..

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

P.S This is my amazing roommate:

1175413_10151864320292140_260829719_nAnd this is us being cute and silly:






Peanut Butter, Essays and late-night Discoveries

Ashamed and very much out of character I must admit that I have no manicure to show you today. I also didn’t have one to show you last week… weird.. I did however finally manage to remove the pink liquid sand from last time and for the first time in a while I’m rocking naked nails. Acting so unlike myself makes me think: What is the issue, dude?! 

Is my super-cute, pink bed spread in the pinkish room I share with an amazing roommate enough girly-girl-ness, removing the need for all things glitter and gold?



Nawwww.. that can’t be it.. I’m pink and girly no matter what..

Was this mega cute cookie they served at the Alice in Wonderland themed orientation enough to keep my girly-ness satisfied?



I didn’t eat it.. 

Frustratingly walking through my room trying to find the solution to this otherwise unquestionable hypothesis I think I stumbled upon a new-found revelation.. 

IMG_0375I didn’t bring enough nail polish! 

Back home I was rolling in enjoying the choice of an abundance of colors and textures, brands and brush sizes and revelled in the weekly selection of polish I believed to be the right fit for that week, day, hour and feeling. I had the ability to choose, and barely ran out of options. In retrospect, the polish-overload probably helped motivate me to get through the colors and to present them on this blog, but for some reason I did not consider that fact when packing for college. Rewind 2 weeks and I believe I told myself I would purchase a plethora of varnishes once I was here, as the good-quality stuff is much cheaper in the States…



I am now at college, where late-night cramming sessions, snacking at odd hours – I have already devoured a jar of Peanut Butter – and time-management issues are actually a THING. Not even during the more or less light-scheduled orientation and registration week did I manage to head into the main part of this area for much more than a bag of grapes and some awesomely colored Fanta…

IMG_0369So when will I manage to do my nails? That is left to be defined. 

Will I ever update the dance part of the blog? Yes, as soon as I have a moment to snap a pic or two of me “Owning the Awkward” and dancing around free-spiritedly on campus.

But until those two moments are a more constant figure in my life again, and I find time to scout the city for the next best make-up deal, let me bring you up to speed with what has happened here..

I moved in last Saturday and basically refurbished the place. Pink mini-fridge, extra clothes rack and of course a tempurpedic mattress-pad were all unpacked and put away. Monday and Tuesday the task of scheduling interviews for possible classes of interest began, and we had to track around campus in search of professors and their respective offices. By Thursday we had to register for the classes we had found most appealing and by Saturday we knew if we got them or not. Administration-work aside, there were also a few student-run events like parties with giant twister, Mad-Hatter tea-parties and outdoor barbecues keeping “fun” in our vocabulary.



I also rediscovered my love for the swings.



Tomorrow day two of classes start. I will try to update more often and hope to return to my normal schedule soon!

Until then, with attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo