Countdown to College

Tomorrow, I move in to my dorm room. It seemed so far away a few weeks ago, and tomorrow the day is finally here: the beginning of Orientation Week – the beginning of College Life.

I’ve spent every day since Wednesday on last-minute college shopping, eating (sort of) vegan and walking around the city. Every day we clocked in over 10’000 steps – barely anything if you want to really see the city.. Now, sitting here and typing this up, I am almost college ready. I’ve got the mattress cover, the bed bug spray, the laundry bag , and plenty of summer/fall/winter clothing that should last me through Thanksgiving. I’m nearly all set, but somehow, I do not think that will be enough to really be prepared for what is to come.

Course selecting, moving in to the dorm, meeting everyone, starting classes… doing my own laundry, cooking, studying, being a young adult in New York City… The thought of it still freaks me out and makes me want to literally run home to Switzerland, no matter how long it will take!

My life will be changing almost completely and suddenly my longing for something international, new and exciting is actually kind of scary; I miss the Swissness of Switzerland.

The smaller population, the quiet evenings and weekends, Swiss German… home. I grew up there, and now, 14 years later, I am surrounded by something unknown. Gone are all the tips and tricks and shortcuts. Now, I  have to consult a map to get around. Don’t even get me started on public transport.. I knew it like the back of my own hand…I wonder how long it will take me to know New York by heart.

The missing Swissness of the city really struck me when I found myself walking in to a Lindt store. The familiar sound of wrappers opening – chic-o-holic..? – the smell of luscious, creamy chocolate truffles, the 18 flavors of Lindor… ahhh home.

…Wait, 18 flavors?!


The Swiss, home of the Lindt Factory, only carry 5 pure Lindor types..


I’m sending a letter of complaint.

Maybe New York won’t be so “non-Swiss” after all *munching on a Peanut Butter Lindor (very Reeses-like) Yumm*

If finding Lindt wasn’t enough, I also drove past the Teuscher, home to my absolute favorite chocolate in the world: The Champagne Truffle.

IMG_0308Two Swiss meccas in one day.. that get’s a girl thinking..

After the über-Swiss-chocolate incident I didn’t have any more nostalgic moments, and munched happily on an American mall pretzel, which I personally enjoyed much more than the Swiss Bretzel König (Pretzel King), while shopping for more essentials.

IMG_0309But today, the day before I officially begin college, I find a watch store from Schaffhausen (while funny enough telling my mom about the chocolate story), and I discover the New York Pain Quotidian. Although I know that it is a branch from here, I have often enjoyed a brunch or early morning soy cappuccino there in Zurich..


Does finding all these Swiss stores in less than three days mean something?

Either way I’m moving in tomorrow, but if there is a Swiss flag or a cow outside my window I am outta here! 😉 ( I even miss speaking Swiss German..)

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo




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