Short Holiday: Mykonos

I went to Mykonos with my dad for a short trip, arriving back home only two days before having to leave for college! It was worth it though; the island was pretty, the food was delicious and I enjoyed some father-daughter bonding time.

IMG_0286As mentioned here, I had mixed feelings about this Greek party island. I grew up going to the Spanish hippy island, Ibiza, and did not enjoy the comparison of Mykonos to the island close to my heart. Now – after my third trip there – I can enjoy it for its differences .

One of its special assets is the fact that you can see the sunset from almost anywhere.



IMG_0299We took pictures nearly every day.

Another difference I noticed was the set-up of the day. Breakfast is not until one, lunch around five and dinner can start anywhere in between 10.30 pm and one am. While Ibiza is also a late-eating island, I don’t think I’ve ever had dinner at one!

On our first night we went to this place by the beach called Nammos.

IMG_0285They used light effects to make the umbrellas on the beach look like decor.

The next day we went to the beach itself.

IMG_0287And had a late 6 o’ clock lunch at a trendy place called Alemàgou.

IMG_0289Alemàgou is proof that Mykonos is trying to break free from the Greek taverna stereotype, serving things like quinoa and sashimi while recreating the much-loved classics by changing some ingredients like their Greek Salad with Mykonian Cheese and Fava served with grilled Seafood..

The view from the restaurant:

IMG_0288On Day 3 we went to a beach similar to the ones I love in Ibiza. It’s loud, full of young people, has great music and trendy food.

IMG_0290Classic foot-relaxing-beach-and-ocean-photo 😉

IMG_0294And of course I had to do some ballet on the beach.

After the beach we went to one of the hotels on the island known for its sunsets and hip bar/pool area.

IMG_0291They had fish in the bar..

IMG_0292And I had some of the best sushi ever as a veeeery late lunch at 7 🙂

Dinner that night, I ate one of my favourite Greek dishes: Feta cheese wrapped in Philo and drizzled with honey! YUMM!

Our second to last day we went to a cute place at yet another beach for more Greek food (I also enjoyed Greek yoghurt every day for breakfast..)

Father-daughter picture:


My hair went wild in the wind!

And finally, our last day.  A final beach trip. And a fun dinner at a place known for people dancing on tables…



IMG_0298It was a good trip 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo













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