In all the weeks of blogging, I don’t think I’ve ever missed a Manicure Monday Post.. but I have a pretty good excuse..

IMG_0274I spent my whole day packing, bidding Zurich farewell, and mentally preparing myself for College. But, more about that later.. I still have to tell you guys about Mykonos! 🙂

First things first, let’s catch up with my manicure!


IMG_0255I have finally purchased an OPI Liquid Sand Nail Polish, and I am loving it! The polish is very forgiving, so if you are not a perfect polish-applicator then this will be right up your street! This color was calling to me when I was at the store helping out a friend with selecting proper skin care. I couldn’t resist… I must stay away from department stores and cosmetics counters..

IMG_0252The pink shade reminds me of pink ballet tutus and is part of the Bond Collection. It carries the name Pussy Galore.

IMG_0267I paired the pink sand with a golden polish I received from my father as a present. Check out the name:


My dad has been taught well 🙂 I am oh so proud! Apparently he absolutely HAD to stop when he saw the nail polishes by Deborah Lippmann and he definitely selected a perfect name!

IMG_0264It is a very sparkly polish and has bits of gold flake in it as well. I enjoyed pairing the two different textures and colours.. they went really well together and I sported this manicure in Mykonos. When I returned home on Sunday, I reapplied another coat due to lack of time, and major enjoyment of how good it looks.. 🙂


IMG_0246My manicure has barely faded and I think it should last all the way through Orientation at college! Meanwhile, I hope to purchase another Liquid Sand polish. I’m hooked!

IMG_0258With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

2 thoughts on “Manicure…Tuesday?

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