Ibicenco in Mykonos

Ibiza or Mykonos? Spain or Greece? It’s always been island vs island for this former Ibicenco.

I first visited Mykonos 3 years ago with my father. Till that day, I had never heard of the island, nor had I really had much interest in exploring Greece beyond knowing their food. The landing was windy, as it is a windy island, with windmills scattered across the shores. Appealing to the eye, would be the white houses with blue shutters, unappealing probably the lack if greenery. “Just like Ibiza” my father uttered as we commenced the drive from the airport.
How dare he, my proud Ibiza-adoring self thought, rage and fury growing deep inside me, despising the island immediately after this careless comparison. I had seen little more than the teeny tiny airport and was already prepared to hate the island.
Ibiza, you see, holds quite a special place in my heart. I go there strictly with my mom, who actually never wanted to go because of its party history. I was eight when she was finally convinced by our Ibiza-going friends to come visit them – We have rarely missed a summer since!

The island has this aura, a wonderfully powerful hippy-esc feel, that seeps through you the minute you begin exploring. The beaches play loud music, the food is trendy, the people ooze complete coolness… What’s not to love?! Hippy markets take place frequently selling jewelry, clothes and leather, the town is just big enough to get lost in their art galleries, bikini stores and beach-ware shops, and there are ads for the upcoming parties plastered everywhere. Not even the beaches are safe from clubs, with a new lounge/disco/dj place popping up out of the blue, dotting the beach, attracting many coolness-oozing before-party people, which helps turn it into an internationally known mekah for glorious trend lovers. Loungers enjoy the music and drinks until late in the night, before flocking to Pacha or Space, following the group of people in white bikinis holding up massive, sparkly cherries (Pacha’s logo). It’s a sight! A boho-chic cladded sight that evolved into a trendsetting style now being adopted by summer fashion everywhere!!

So yes, I was a bit spiffed when an island I had basically never even heard of was being compared to the magic of Ibiza..

Three years later, I finally see what my well-meaning father was trying to say. Both are known for their party habits, both have a relaxed and laid-back feel, although people “in the know” find Mykonos more luxurious and Ibiza more bohemian (yet receiving more luxury and VIP-feel with its growing popularity). In my opinion their most profound differences are their cuisines: it’s feta or tortilla, Greek or Spanish, ouzo or hierbas. Sushi is great on both islands…

I have seen the sunsets, heard the music, experienced my fellow vacationers and have come to the conclusion that while Ibiza will always me my first love, Mykonos admittedly has a stylish feel to it. Many may share my preliminary caution and island vs island attitude, but don’t let that keep you from visiting at least once. You never know, you might start including a short trip to both islands instead of one long one to either or 🙂

With attitude and fading nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


3 thoughts on “Ibicenco in Mykonos

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