Hello hello!

Kalispera from Athens!

I’m currently waiting for my flight to Mykonos and thought I’d quickly check in while eating apple cinnamon Greek yoghurt! I’m a huge Greek yoghurt fan and jump at any chance to enjoy it as it is sadly sparsely found in Switzerland..

I spent my whole morning packing; but not just for this trip! In exactly 7 days I will be flying (sort of) one-way to New York City! I can’t wait to share with you my dancing adventures with my roommates and all my makeup discoveries! I’m even thinking of applying for a job at Sephora and maybe going to cosmetology school on the side 🙂 I am obsessed, I know, but very much enjoying my life pursuing things I love!
So let s get back to packing… I had the grand idea of ripping all of my jeans out of the already messy closet and trying them all on to find out what joins me in my upcoming adventures. But, being me I didn’t get round to actually trying more than 1 pair on after realizing that the first old pair I pulled up still fit! I was ecstatic that an old pair of corduroy jeans still closed nicely, without being too snug to fit over my bum! 😀
Fast forward a few days and the dogs and I started to bypass the massive pile of trousers in the doorway, ignoring the original task, still doing my happy dance for fitting in to that one pair.
Today, I decided to take the bull by its horns and continue my task, only to – yet again – be thrown off by another pair of fitting jeans. This specific pair was even more of a wonder as I haven’t worn them in more than a year.. Shellshocked but pleased, I ran around the house and out the door oozing self confidence, nearly forgetting to pack a bathing suit for Mykonos.
Alas, I have yet to finish my college packing and hope to get it done on Monday. Let’s hope I eat too much and nothing else fits, otherwise I’ll never be done packing in time! :D? (I actually don’t hope that will happen, but I’m sure you get my drift)


With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo


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