Obsession Alert!

I know.. I know.. you were all excitedly awaiting day 3 of Paris today..

But… I did something today.. something I do too often.. something I can’t stay away from.

I went shopping!

But not for clothes, shoes or handbags. I had that phase a while back and enjoy individual pieces from afar now rather than being all “oooooh myyy gaaaaaawd I MUUUUUST POSSESS THAT!”

No, I no longer cherish the feeling of Italian leather shoes. I don’t go wild for super soft fuzzy sweaters (…very often.) No..

The only time I’m stricken by that ohhh myy feeling is when I walk into a windowless store full of various perfume scents, each molecule of fragrance individually engulfing me, puling me to the nearest counter, only to be distracted by glitter and powder and pink glossy shine near by.. I can spend hours on end in a department store, and today I actually had the excuse to do so. I pursued by passion in great conscience!

A close friend of mine sought my advise on proper skin care and I jumped at the chance to show her my favorite products and how to use them properly. Now, being the obsessed conceal-a-holic that I am (okay, cosmetics-a-holic in general..) I let one too many products catch my eye while helping out. I will not tell you if I did or did not purchase the things I was pulled towards, however, I will share with you my latest tried and tested finds you will almost definitely also go crazy for 🙂

This summer lip gloss in shade Squeeze. Just look at how pretty the product is! And the name! Squeeeze 😀

Chubby Stick in Whoppin Watermelon! It’s so shiny!!! And I think it has two colours when it hits the light!

Smashbox products. Ohhh myyy. I have found heaven and will sacrifice all products for this primer! They have various types, depending on your skin.

Also by Smashbox: CC Cream. Soft, brightening and covers well… need I say more?!

L’oréal BB Blush. My oh my what an invention!

I love LEO!! The best frozen yoghurt in Zurich (review coming soon!)

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. Tried and tested anew, and I find it a nice alternative to the pricier Kiehl’s one.

This is totally 90’s of me, but: I have bought a lip liner!! It will never ever ever leave my beauty essentials again!

Same goes for the eyebrow pencil I have just started using. Trying to keep up with the trend of dark(er) and extremely prominent eyebrows!

What about you? Any new finds you would like to share? I’d love to check them out! 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

4 thoughts on “Obsession Alert!

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