Manicure Monday!

Bonjour dear blogosphere! Did you miss me?

I just got back from a short trip to one of my favorite cities in the world:



Since today is Monday and a scheduled manicure-post day, I will spare you the deets on my wonderful travels (for now ;)), and merely let you know what manicure I flaunted right and left of the Seine.


Guess what…?


I did something you would never imagine I was even slightly capable of doing when it comes to nail polish…

…I used polish without a name! YIKES!


Their colours were enough to lure me into purchasing them this time. Plus, I bought these particular two long before I became obsessed with names over actual colours…easier times..


In keeping with the whole multicolored thing I’ve got going on, I chose a coral Barry M. for my left hand and right pointy finger and a Kiko bronze-nude color for my right hand and left ring finger.


Why did I paint my nails in this way you ask? I didn’t have a reason…


I did it because I can 😀


I purchased the little bottle of orangey varnish nearly 3 years ago in Oxford and haven’t used it since. The quality is still impressive! The Kiko polish was found a year later in Florence on a class trip – also unused since…but much loved, as well as all other products I bought in that short week (you should have seen us girls in that Kiko store; like madmen scurrying from one booth to the other.. glitter flying, mascara smearing and nail polish…nail polish everywhere!..In other words..heaven 😉 )

Friends’ hands upon leaving the store..


My nail polish loot on our way home in the train:

The goods

The goods

Ahhhh makeup..what would we do without thee..?

Next week, a special, limited edition, Parisian manicure awaits you 🙂

With attitude and too much nail polish, Anoushé xoxo



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