Coconut Butter!

IMG_0097Remember yesterday when I said I was busy? Well, it wasn’t just the nut butter keeping me on my toes.

IMG_0089At some point in this whole vegan appreciation thing I’ve got going on, I decided I wanted to make homemade everything. Not just the easy stuff like bread and nut butter, but I also desperately wanted to make my own almond milk too (I haven’t made any of things yet, except for the nut butter). To say I’m obsessed is only half of it: Most of the blogs I follow are cooking, fitness and health blogs, and while I am interested in all that, well… life generally just get’s in the way. While I may feel inspired by homemade anything, I just never manage to fit it in to my lifestyle. And don’t even get me started on all the gym workouts I’ve bookmarked over the past few weeks.. I despise the gym and prefer dance, yoga and kickboxing over weights and heavy-duty equipment any day. But why can’t I stop? Why don’t I ever tire of reading things I know I’ll never do? And why don’t I feel attracted to beauty blogs, since I’m obviously a nut in that department too?


Well my friends, if I knew the answer I wouldn’t be asking. Somehow I think I’m just impressed and intrigued by what people achieve in the health/fitness department.. or maybe it’s because I know one day I might find the info I read all those years ago to be useful. Whatever the reasoning, I continue bookmarking and recently, I felt most amazed by coconut butter.

I follow Katie on Chocolate Covered Katie and promise myself daily that I will try to make some of those healthy desserts she writes about one day. Whether it is a time-crunch issue or lack of proper ingredients, that day has yet to come.. Until yesterday; by trying the simplest of her recipes: homemade coconut butter.

I doubted the simplicity of the butter-making process (oh the shame) and researched it on blog after blog after blog until I realised that Katie wasn’t lying.. it really is easy. Nevertheless, I didn’t make it just yet. So what got me to make it yesterday?

IMG_0088Honestly? Well.. the reason I finally made my own was finding coconut butter here in Zurich. And buying it. And cringing at the price. Yet still setting forth in the purchase. And immediately eating half of it.. yup, money is the root of all evil AND the reason to recreate expensive goodies in your own kitchen 😉



  • Dried, unsweetened coconut flakes/shavings


  1. Place shavings into food processor and blend until it has reached the right consistency.

Mine didn’t get extremely runny, so it didn’t pour into the bowl like many pictures had portrayed on other blogs. It was still creamy though and as delicious as the store bought kind. What’s more it was only 1/6 of the price!

Stock up on those coconut flakes and get processing! I just added a scoop in my morning smoothie and it was delicious and not to mention healthy 😀


With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo




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