FroYo and Frappé

Yaaaaay for Wednesday, frequently known as my Jazz intense day.

Today, despite the summer vacation, classes are still in session! My number one favorite school – never closed, except for next week’s exception because they are moving location – is organising daily workshops, with my favorites this week being Jazz and Ballet, while the number one ballet school here is offering quite a few classes throughout the vacation as well..I’m in heaven 🙂

I haven’t been to dance for over a week now, but with three of my favorite people flying back home yesterday 😦 , my daily routine returned back to normal, and up until this weekend it should stay that way!
Why not after that, you ask? Well, Friday will be the last day of my 3 month internship .. after that I will try to find time for dance, but more importantly I have to start packing for college! Yikes! Time flies…

Lunch today was very special; I found some really tasty, plain frozen yoghurt in Zürich and enjoyed every last bit of it for my midday meal 🙂



Not exactly the healthiest choice – given that I was planning on going to dance today – and don’t even get me started on whether it was balanced or not. So I added something green..that’s always good and healthy, right?


Spinach, Apple, Lemon Juice and Ginger.


Smoothie + FroYo + Berries = ate some of the colors of the rainbow 🙂


This was just too good! (Restaurant review coming soon 🙂 )

After leaving the office a little later than I had hoped, I couldn’t make it to the jazz workshop. No biggie, because there was also a ballet lesson I could look forward to. On my way there, I enjoyed some fresh fruit for an extra vitamin boost and some yoghurt covered almonds.

The class was taught by a former student of the afore-mentioned ballet school. After completing her studies there, she joined a ballet company in Russia and began travelling the world. I really enjoyed her class and was mesmerized by how beautiful and elegant each and every move was..even if it was just an exercise! A great start back into my routine! 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

P.S Did you get that Frappé in the title is a word-play on my ballet lesson, and not something to eat? 🙂

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