Lucerne, Lake Zurich, and loads of chocolate!

Even the dance obsessed need a break every now and then. Ok, so it wasn’t entirely voluntary; my Auntie and cute cousins are here for a visit and who would pass up a chance to spend time with them?!


Just look at the cuteness.




Besides daily visits to Sprüngli (very legitimate, as it only exists here and why stop if you’ve been going there every day) for chocolate and Luxembourgli, we also went to the lake a couple of times.

Maracuja Chocolate Luxembourgli

Chocolate-Maracuja Luxembourgli


Lemon and Hazelnut



Champagne on the left, Chocolate-Maracuja on the right

Champagne on the left, Chocolate-Maracuja on the right

I took two days off from work to enjoy the time they are here, and probably wouldn’t have been to the lake this Summer if I hadn’t had done so. I am not a big fan of swimming. I go into the ocean merely to cool off on a beachy vacation, and otherwise prefer to relax and read – especially when the water is too cold. As a child I used to have less water issues. I would jump in to the coldest waters, brave and fearless, a friend to freezing lakes and pools…
Oh how things change..

I prefer to stay onboard, like on Thursday when we went on a pedalo.

The family on a Pedalo

The family on a Pedalo

Or on land, like on Friday and Saturday when we went to lakeside beachy places.

We didn’t just go to the lake though. Friday morning I did some Iyengar Yoga with my Aunt. I’ve been practicing Iyengar for over 4 years now, but this past year I neglected it a little. I really hope I can continue when I’m at college!

At night we had tickets to see Sting at Live at Sunset.





He is a great performer and I’m glad I got to see him. I was also extremely surprised how many songs I actually knew; I was able to sing out loud to Roxanne, Desert Rose, Shape of my Heart, Every Breath you Take, Englishman in New York and Fields of Gold.

My Aunt, my Mom and Me

My Aunt, my Mom and Me…and some grumpy woman 😉

Saturday I got to drive in high heels with my grandparents…




Sunday we all went to Lucerne and enjoyed the weather and the views..


The Mountains

The Mountains





And came back to Zürich, ready for a delicious dinner (Review to follow :))

Hope you had a sunny  and eventful weekend too!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

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