The Hungry Ballerina Review – Nooba

Set the scene; a busy intersection. People, people everywhere, getting on and off the trams, going in and out the stores nearby, sitting down and getting up from the outside tables at the neighbouring restaurant. It’s summer, the umbrellas are up, the wooden benches are out, children are running dangerously close to the road, their parents idly nibbling and barely watching, a glass Sauvignon blanc in their hand. Pan Asian cuisine. Curry, noodles, rice and more. This is where I had dinner last week.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Nooba. Not Nobu, the expensive Japanese fusion sushi place, taking the world one fish roll and bento box green tea ice cream at a time. Nooba. Laid back food with reasonably speedy service; open all day, most days and famous for their noodles – its name is short for noodle bar. My mom and I go there when we don’t know where else to go. We also go there on a Sunday when every other restaurant is closed or we don’t want to drive far. We don’t go there specifically for the food..
Don’t get me wrong the food is very popular, it’s just not our number one favorite place. It’s a mere 5 on our Asian restaurant scale, right next to Wagamamas and Asian Moon. We go there for their Vietnamese spring rolls and vegetarian gyozas, because it’s the only place we know of that is serving them. We don’t go there for their curries – Nagasui and Tiffins are better..
After not having eaten a proper lunch, we went there for an early bird dinner at 3.30. Against all odds, I was too hungry to think straight and ordered their papaya salad just so I could get fresh food asap (I have issues with non Nagasui Som Tams…poor, spoiled me). We also ordered their Vietnamese spring rolls to start.

Som Tam

Som Tam

Then we had to decide on our main dishes. My mom ordered the nooba deli wok, consisting of lentils, tofu, potatoes, aubergine, carrots, zucchini and popadoms, and I ordered the green curry with tofu and jasmine rice, as I had never tried it there and wasn’t in the mode for fried rice or noodles. Both were ok, but again, it was not Nagasui..

All in all it is a great place on stand-by. They are also very child friendly and have a variety of things to choose from if you never know what to order. Their spice palette works well for everyone – nicely, and less spicy they introduce non-Asian connoisseurs to the cuisine.

Bon app!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

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