This is it!

Michael Jackson, Moon walk.

Madonna, Vogue.

Beyoncé, Bootylicious Booty-Shake.

PSY, Gangnam-Style horse dance thingy.


Ecarté derrière

Ecarté derrière

Whirling Dervish

Whirling Dervish

Tango meets HipHop

Tango meets HipHop


Contemporary, prop: chair. Interpretive dance





…in the making!

It’s finally here, the day we thought would never come, the moment we were not waiting for, and certainly never expecting..

It’s time for me to spread my wings and leave the comfort of my old dance studio. Gone are the familiar warm-up and strength training routines, the friends (now like family) standing in the same spots on the floor ever since I’ve been there, the familiarity of being known as the ‘bouncy ball’, always filled with energy, always one to help bring the stage to life. Tonight, I hung my baggy jeans up for good, as tonight meant good-bye (for now) to the Funky Crew I’ve grown to love.

My performance crew...! Going to miss them soo much!

My performance crew…! Going to miss them soo much!

With a heavy heart I shut the door behind me, giving the studio one last look before walking off in my hot pink heels. My security net has been taken away from me; it is time to make a name for myself on my own; a choreographer.

I say security net because our teacher was my mentor; the person I went to with questions on choreography, shows, dance routines and music choices. She gave me opportunities to work with children as a substitute dance teacher. and taught me most of what I now know about being a choreographer. Most importantly she helped me pull my senior dissertation together back when I was such an amateur and too overwhelmed to think straight enough to teach my dancers. Choreography is not as simple as putting steps together and telling other people what to do. No, there is much more to it than that. Exactly what that “much more” entails, I will now be figuring out – on my own two feet, in the real world!

As I mentioned yesterday, good-byes at the studio mean one thing: sugar, and lots of it! I had originally wanted to bake something special, but due to lack of time, energy, and motivation to later clean up the kitchen, I chose the easiest way out: a bakery. It couldn’t be just any bakery though.. it had to be a bakery worthy of baking a dessert divine enough to symbolise my nearly 9 years of dancing with that group (jeez that’s a long time..). I decided that I wanted the most decadent and delicious cake I know everyone adores, and set off to purchase the little luxury before my class…

mhmhhhhhm :)

mhmhhhhhm 🙂

They didn’t have it in the right size though so I ended up buying something else as well (being Persian and all, I’d rather have an abundance of food). We had a great line-up for class today, in celebration of the last lesson before the holidays; first we warmed up with a fun old school choreography, and then we got to do some acrobatics on this thing called ‘Tissue’.




more splits

more splits


something amazing

something amazing


......and me.

……and me.


I'm just oozing gracefulness !

I’m just oozing gracefulness !

When the class wrapped up (or rather unwrapped ha ha ), we head out to the table and chairs and dug in to the desserts!


Two more of the girls are also heading off in to the real world, so we had a cake-overload!

Now you can also see what I brought! The special bakery I went to was Sprüngli. It is a traditional, Swiss confiserie and café, with stores all over the country. They use high quality ingredients and have some of the most divine desserts, with the all-time favourite Truffe-Cake being the biggest hit! I was told it was for 4 people, so I decided to purchase two more small cakes: a Lemony Creamy Torte and a Sour Cherry Crumb Cake.





Streusel (Crumb)

Streusel (Crumb)

This is it. The end of and old chapter, and the beginning of a new one; my life, my dance, my all starts now!

goofing off after class, saying our good-byes...

goofing off after class, saying our good-byes…(you can see the ’tissue’ in the background :))

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

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