Bro Tip!

For all you guys out there who randomly stumble upon my blog, check out what it’s about, notice all the pink and sparkly colors and incessant talk about beauty products and immediately click away… Your thinking this is just another girly blog.. well yes, you are right. It is a girly blog. There’s no point trying to hide it…and it wouldn’t me mine if it weren’t girly, pink; all rainbows, unicorns and happy stuff; full of beauty talk and dance woes… one of my closer friends recently laughed when I told her the name of my blog! She also murmured: “Nespresso, what else?!” (as in DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH what else would Anoushé write about..)

dancer's problems...source: google

dancer’s problems…source: google

But wait! Take that finger off the mouse clicker! There is more to this little tiny part of cyber space than the eye can see. There might be loads on beauty, dance and pre-dance snacking, but guess what! I’ve been planning a post for men too!! And that’s exactly what this post is all about!

BRO TIP OF THE WEEK..dedicated to all the men out there 😉

Thanks to a great guy friend of mine – also an amaaahzing dancer by the way – I have access to the insides of a male to say..

..or actually, not really. More like insight into what a guy would recommend to another guy.. Which is great, because I’ve got absolutely no clue as to what ‘manly’ things are good and which aren’t!

So whenever he has some spare time he will give me an update on what he thinks a guy must know! Isn’t that nice? The only instructions I gave him, was that his tips had to fit in to the content of my blog…i.e. skin care for men, maybe some fashion, definitely great places to go in Zürich get the picture 😉

So here we go.

Bro Tip # 1: After Shave: Moschino Forever

The Bro says: This after shave is the perfect mix of both strong masculinity and slightly sweet, discrete undertones. While being powerful enough to boost your manliness, it also leaves a nice lingering scent the ladies will enjoy…;)

Bro Tip # 2: A great place to take a girl on a date in Zürich: Casa Aurelio

The Bro says: Casa Aurelio is a classy Spanish restaurant in the heart of a not so classy, but very hip part of Zurich (Langstrasse). Nothing beats the fiery passion and temperament of the Spanish! Combine that with great food and excellent wine and you’ve got yourself one amazing night out for sure!

See how those fit perfectly into my blog? I talk about beauty, and I talk about Zürich…and to top it all off with a cherry on top he’s a DANCER!!

Hope you enjoyed this 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

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