Weekly snackatude

Ok, so you know how some people say it’s better to graze, not gorge..? And you know how some other people say it’s better to have 3 big, substantial meals and no snacking in between?

We’ve all heard various two cents worth on “proper” eating habits. Some useful, some not so much, while many more make you find healthy nutrition atrociously limiting so you lash out wanting eat all the cookies you can find.


Yes, we’ve all been there. Don’t deny it. Each and every one of us has had their moment of junk food attacks. Like one minute we hear Kate Moss’ infamous quote, “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”, and the next we find ourselves thinking, “ok, whatever dude”, and start rummaging through our well-hidden stash of junk food, knee-deep in a jar of peanut butter, dreaming of cupcakes and cookie dough. She probably did the same later on in the day too!

Source: instagram

Source: instagram

We all have those days, no, we should have those days! Cause guess what… It’s fine!

I live with a nutritionist, (my mom), who one day might live off of fruit and nuts, while the next turns in to the polar opposite, devouring chocolate for dinner and swapping cucumbers and berries for Froyo with sprinkles…


With my heavy dance schedule I cannot let myself get tired; I cut out all food that might give you instant power, but leave you in an energy slump soon thereafter (the more it’s processed the bigger the sugar rush). I tend to stick to “healthy” foods and snacks full of whole grains and complete proteins for when I need sufficient power and NO energy lows.
But I can’t keep up the whole health– nut-thing all the time… sometimes I just need a chocolate bar or some highly processed white bread with Nutella. But that’s just the point I am trying to make.. every single human being is different, and while it is great to follow certain guidelines, one should first and foremost listen to one’s own body… even when that body is telling you to occasionally eat some cake 😉


Sprüngli – Pariser Konfekt

I know for a fact, that if I don’t eat “clean” before my dance classes in the evening, I will not perform as well as I could. It then became a goal of mine to find snacks that will give me energy, and not make me feel stuffed and thus incapable of moving (I bet you’ve all been there too… the ‘eat-so-much-I-want-to-be-rolled-home’ feeling..). My snacks also had to be more or less balanced, part good carbohydrates, part protein, part good fats; in slightly more technical terms, I wanted my carbs to be slow-releasing and low glycemic (by this I mean their effect on blood-sugar), for when I needed constant, steady energy levels and no sudden hunger pangs. High-glycemic carbohydrates would cause sudden spikes in blood sugar i.e. a quick rise and a similarly sudden fall, leaving me suddenly powerless and in need of another snack..!



Have you ever felt chock full of life after eating, but soon weak and in desperate need of a nap? Do you then tend to eat something sugary to replenish your ‘empty’ stores? That ravenous while sluggish feeling was probably caused by a highly processed food with fast-releasing carbs..

Below you can find the snacks I tested before my dance classes this past week. Along with each snack I mentioned how long the class was and how my energy levels were during the class. Feel free to try any of these following snacks out and let me know how you felt!

Greek yoghurt with fruit; 1 h hiphop, not completely satiated, but enough power for dance.


Cookie dough oatmeal with millet instead of oats, just right, 2 hour dance, hungry afterwards

Grapes, a nectarine and a package of blueberries, 1.25 h ballet, full of energy until late in the night
Greek yoghurt, some quark and some yoghurt covered nuts, eaten throughout an afternoon, full, 1 h dance

The PBfingers’ Peanut butter oatmeal with oats and millet flakes, 2 h dance, enough energy

Question of the day:

Do you have any specific foods you eat before sports?

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

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