Despite being in bed a few hours earlier than the night before, last night was an absolute blast! 🙂


I met my friends around seven p.m. in front of the pretzel stand…or better to the right of the stand in the middle of the street (there were too many people around to wait in front of it…). While waiting for everyone to find us, I whipped out my phone and took some pictures.




As soon as we were complete, we started walking while also dancing to all the various songs blaring from the speakers and looking for delicious food to eat. Unlike the day before – where I stayed in the old town/riverside area -we decided to check out the places closer to the lake so that we could easily see the fireworks later on in the night. Great plan in theory..

Zurich by day

Zurich by day

So many people by the lake!

So many people by the lake, just a few hours later

However, every single other festival attendee thought of exactly the same thing! The amount of people had greatly increased from the day before and it was hard to move in our big group.. we still managed to stay together for a couple of hours, nonetheless We first stood near a really cool club like place with a disco ball and a live DJ before heading towards the fun fair part of the festival, where watching the high-pitched screaming people flying head-over-heels above us becomes a bigger attraction than the rides themselves 😉 (to me at least..). Knowing my friends, I could tell they’d love to be the next onboard… but there’s just one problem: I cannot go on those rides. The freaks me out! Since, like, forever!

Corn on the cob!

Corn on the cob!

I was never an adrenaline junkie, and choosing choo-choo rides over looping roller-coasters is more my thing when we go to parks..so I wasn’t all too ecstatic and kind of worried about what rides my friends wanted to go on…

But guess what; fate was working in my favour! The line was soooooo long that no one wanted to wait! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


We then proceeded to another area of the festival and got to watch some great airplane choreography!


But suddenly leaving the rides was a bad idea…we lost half of the group! 😦 Due to the amount of people in town (2.3 mio; in a city with a population of nearly 400’000…) none of our mobile phones were working! We couldn’t contact anyone!

When our messages finally did get through to them we agreed to meet up with them later on, and in the meantime just enjoy the evening and the soon to be launched fireworks.

They were amazing, but sadly obstructed by the trees..

They were amazing, but sadly obstructed by the trees..


The group wanted to meet up with the others when the show was over, but somehow I did not get the memo. Right after the fireworks, I couldn’t see the direction my friends were leaving in and when more and more people started to follow suit, I lost everyone. Even the tallest guy in our group was nowhere to be found! Being me, I immediately started to freak. My phone wouldn’t work fast enough..and of course I had NO CONNECTION and couldn’t reach anyone from my class! My battery was slowly depleting and my nerves were loonier by the second..I was alone, in town, surrounded by masses of people taller than me and I felt like I had just lost my mommy at a massive supermarket (this still happens to me by the way, but I’ve learned to follow a trail of empty cartons leading up to her, munching produce in the fruit and veg section 😉 (my mom is the best!)). Zurich during the massive party is sadly not a supermarket, and there was no trail for me to follow. Since I didn’t know where they were planning on meeting the others and couldn’t find them in my close vicinity, I knew I was stranded..

Until my best friend stepped in to save the day!


She and I have had oodles of legen- wait for it -dary times (yes, I am quoting Barney Stinson), so when I couldn’t find my group, staying with her was a done deal. And of course, it would become another night to tell 🙂

Our first stop was at a cute bar in the old part of town (Niederdorf) for a kickin’ mojito (and a few selfiiiies)!



After finding great music in Niederdorf, we stayed there for a bit before going to the Grossmünster where there would be a little show at 12.00 a.m.

My bestest friend, her lovely boyfriend and me!

My bestest friend, her lovely boyfriend and me!


And by show I mean a trapeze artist walking for 10 minutes on a small piece of rope over houses, a cold river and wads of people! Nerve-wrecking!

The amazing acrobat

The amazing acrobat

IMG_1904He made it safely to the other side :)!

When all the people around us were starting to push, shove and crush us after the act, we decided we had seen enough for the night. Next stop: train station!

Because most of the trams had to work around the festival, there were only few possibilities for us to get home. We started walking to the main station, where we then said our good-byes and went our separate ways. The tram rolled in about 2 minutes later and I was so grateful that it was empty and cool! I think I walked for about 5 hours yesterday and very much appreciated a chair to sit on and later my comfy bed to rest! 🙂

If you guys ever want to check out the Zürifäscht, the next one will be in three years 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo



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