Ode to July. But not just to any July, where the summer holidays are near and thoughts of school are pushed far to the back of your mind. No that’s too mainstream.

I’m thinking more the kind of July where once every four three years the streets of Zürich are closed. Where traffic backs up, trams aren’t running and masses of people flock to town. Tens and thousands of people of all ages are walking freely on otherwise busy roads of the City. But that’s not all. Stalls are constructed selling caramelised nuts, cotton candy, ice cream, hot dogs…Even melted cheese (Raclette) is sold at a couple of places.


But that’s not all. Balloons..balloons everywhere. Toys to win, from booths for shooting, tossing, throwing; strength proving and friends impressing. But that’s not all. Carousels, roller coasters, Ferris wheels…dance clubs, music playing lights everywhere, fireworks..the lake…


Chinese Food!

Chinese Food!

mhhhhhhhm creeeeepes... yes you wont go hungry at the ZH-FEST!

mhhhhhhhm creeeeepes… yes, you won’t go hungry at the ZH-FEST!

Picture balloons dangling from a child’s arm, while the other hand is holding an ice cream cone. Her eyes darting back and forth, watching teenagers screaming, laughing, feeling queasy on an intense rollercoaster-like ride, she’s counting the years until it’s her turn and no longer has to stick to carousels and chair swings – “the baby rides”. By nightfall the laughter is still audible. Closing times are not a part of anyone’s vocabulary this time of year. Children who should long be in bed are allowed to stay up just a little bit longer… Soon, the overtrumping ‘ka-boom’ of colorful fireworks fill the air. Visible above the lake, the setting is picturesque and post-card worthy. Music blaring, cocktail slurping, candy eating and midnight dancing are all part of this big celebration called…





What used to be every four years, now returns one year earlier. This makes it feel like it was just yesterday when I fought my way through hoards of people to walk down a street along the river, stopping at places with the best atmosphere while taking in the evening scene for the first time by myself, with my friends – an independent teen. That year, I partied on Friday with my best friend and one of my two closest friends from Ballet, only to go out with the other best ballerina-friend on Saturday for a long night of dancing, chocolate fruit-eating and fire-works watching.

An activity you can do to win stuffed animals..

An activity you can do to win stuffed animals..

Grossmünster 3 years ago

Grossmünster 3 years ago

Four years earlier, I was barely thirteen. I attended the festivites with my friends on a Friday afternoon after school. We stood in line for all the fun rides, chased the adrenaline kick with some cotton candy and made it home by dinner time. I also visited the festival with my family over the weekend, eating ice cream while watching the craziness going on in the otherwise very orderly and perfect (-ly Swiss) city


This time round, I hit the party scene on Friday – after dance class – with two guy friends and two of the most fun girls in the world!






After a longish night, and a nightmarish time to get home I just wanted to crawl into bed..(public transport runs differently during these festivals so it takes reeeeeeal long to travel from A to B, and to top it all off there was an accident in the middle of town, which meant even more traffic..)


Which was being kept warm by the cozy Bala 🙂

Tonight, I will be hitting the busy town with my old classmates, with whom I have not partied with since graduating High School!

Class of 2012! <3

Class of 2012! ❤

Looking at that picture, I’m sure you can tell that they mean business when it comes to having outrageous amounts of fun! 😀

Will keep you updated with more pictures! Until then..

With Attitude and Nail Polish (which I still need to apply for the party, ahhhhh I’m running late!!!), Anoushé  xoxo

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