Vivre la Danse!

I don’t care if Monday’s blue; Tuesday’s gray and Wednesday too; Thursday I don’t care about you; It’s Friday, I’m in love…
Most people can relate with the Cure’s song. Especially at the beginning of the week when you are feeling sluggish, days crawl by at snail pace, and the weekend is still waaaaay out of reach… you think Friday couldn’t come any faster! Friday is the day before two free days, the day you can come to work in casual wear, the day you are more likely to plan evening outings because you can sleep in the following morning – Friday is beautiful. But while I give Friday credit for being most people’s choice of motivation to get through a tough week, I don’t really need it as much; I have a daily dose of guaranteed fun getting me through each individual day, let alone a full week!

developé with a plié

developé with a plié

Vivre la danse!

Monday might be blue, but Ballet lessons helps me through, Tuesday and Wednesday can’t be grey when stretch and jazz dance save the day! Thursday I DO care about you with HipHop always full of moves and Friday I’m in love – with jazz and barre à terre… (couldn’t think of any more rhymes 🙂 )

But today is only Thursday! Barely half the week has passed and thus, more dance delights await me. (yaaay!)

HipHop freeze

HipHop freeze

So let me bring you up to speed and fill you in on my classes to this point.

Monday: Ballet

cuuuuuute outfit ;)

cuuuuuute outfit 😉

This class is one of my favorites and always has the same sequence of exercises: Barre, Center with Adagio, Diagonal and Jumps. Favorite part: Developé exercises at the barre and adagio in the center; My weak points: Diagonal with pirouettes..I just can’t nail the doubles without a mirror! (Will be describing these, and many more dance terms in a soon to be published post..stay tuned!).



Also, we have an amazing pianist playing beautiful music (she once played moon river to a plié exercise! I was smitten!) which gives off a great atmosphere. That combined with one of the best teachers in Zürich definitely makes for an outstanding class!


attitude 🙂

And there’s more to this little ballet post! You guys are in for a treat! I’ve been introduced to two very special bloggers here in the bloggersphere. Special to me, because they are fellow dance-crazy people! And there’s more! They asked ME (that’s right MEEEEE) to post about what’s in my ballet bag together with them!! I mean.. how spectacular is that!

So in collaboration with my ballerina blogging friends over at Pinkster and Raining Pineapples!, I will also be giving you a look into my Monday’s ballet bag (Feel free to look inside theirs too by clicking on the links! Their photos are sooooooo much better than mine and I am sure you will enjoy them as much as I have!!)

My ballet bag!

My ballet bag!

Always with me are: ballet slippers, pointe shoes, hairbrush, (black) leotard, tights (either with foot or without), shorts, a t-shirt, hair nets and pins and spray deodorant.

pins and needles..I mean hairnets

pins and needles..I mean hairnets

I am in desperate need of new nets! They always rip and end up becoming one massive hole and am left with barely being able to wrap it around the bun, making it look very unprofessional giving my do a unique je ne sais quoi.


Also, I tend to have a more laid-back attitude when it comes to my ballet outfit, hence the creative t-shirts. In my experience however, I have noticed that the more professional the dancer, the more ‘sloppy’ and less ‘perfect’ the wardrobe (although I am far from professional..). Long gone are the cute skirts and the classical leotard with perfect hair, sprayed in place with too much spray. Those have been replaced by prettily designed leotards – in all shapes and colors – with either shorts, track suit bottoms, harem pants or 80’s leg-warmers, and some kind of shirt pulling the look together. The really professional ones wear massive socks pulled over their ballet slippers, heavy sweaters and full body knit-wear (or just plain leggings).

Tuesday’s stretch class was equally laid back when it comes to my chosen attire (shorts, leggings and a t-shirt) but not when it comes to exercises (unless you are super bendy..then it’s more like a piece of cake!)


For those of you who think stretching is effortless (because you have never done it before) then let me tell you, I am generally in serious pain the day after a lesson! Focusing on stretch for a full hour rather than just pre- and/or post- workout makes it possible to invest more time per exercise, with the instructor making sure you do it right!

Back stretch..

Back stretch..

Maladies and aches aside, the effects of targeted stretching in the long-term are far from unsatisfactory – I can nearly do the splits! I am definitely glad I am investing some time in this class; it has noticeably helped my posture and muscle build-up which is great for dance! (Iyengar yoga is also a great supplement)



Jazz class on Wednesday, really picked up the pace after classical ballet and stretching. Fast beats supported by powerful moves really made for a fun lesson that flew by in a snap! I always love jazz warm-ups as I get to put my classically trained techniques to the test and practice center exercises, similar to those of a ballet class, to timely music (like house, RnB or mainstream), that makes you want to move!
As you can read here, I also very much enjoy the choreographies in this class, and can barely never anticipate learning the unceasingly innovative and inspirational dances. Yesterday’s was very lyrical and I had a blast!
Immediately after Jazz, I took yet another stretching class. This one was more yoga inspired than on Tuesday, and helped me stretch away the muscle pain I had built up so far. By being slightly less strenuous than Tuesday’s class, I concentrated more on stretching my muscles rather than over-training them, like trying to get into the splits for example. I really tried to relax, which is a vital part of sport recovery after all (which my mom reminds me of day after day after day..)!

Today, Thursday, I was at HipHop …

HipHop meets Tango..

HipHop meets Tango..

and on Friday I’ve got more jazz and a really fun class called barre à terre, but more about those later 🙂 It’s bed time here…


LOOOOVE 🙂 here is a good-night kiss from the loveable Seti aka Munchkiiiiin 🙂

and we are off to bed..



With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

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