Manicure Monday

After unsuccessfully scratching off all of my previous nail polish during the week, I resorted to finally using nail polish remover by Sunday afternoon. I do not encourage my terrible habit! Incessant polish peeling causes weak and brittle nails that will soon be in need of intensive care.. But being me, I listen to no one and will still continue living in (nail-) sin (plus, I am always a nervous wreck, and peeling off polish is weirdly soothing..)

Now on with what you want, want to you really really want…and less about me (do you guys remember that song?? 🙂 ). It’s time for this Monday’s Manicure!

Lucky in Lilac

Lucky in Lilac

Being an absolute fashion victim, I know I should technically be matching polish colors to the time of year, month, week, clothes, shoes, accessories, skin color, hair color, eye color, lip gloss and much, much more. Too much spontaneity in the world of fashion can quickly lead to disastrous no-gos if you aren’t an expert in this ever-changing field, and I have a tip below that can help you forgo simple faux-pas..



While I may not be as dogmatic as described above when it comes to how you dress, I do believe you should find a style that suits you and slowly start varying your looks from there on out. When entering the world of an amateur fashionista, a little certainty that what you’re wearing looks good on you definitely helps build confidence – especially if you are new at this fashion thing!. Before you know it, you will gradually find yourself playing with different clothes, accessories and make-up, and start receiving positive stares from passer-byers. I do not wish a fashion faux-pas – with its all-inclusive pointing and whispering – on anyone! So take things slow and learn what works. For example, I steer clear of baggy boyfriend jeans and overalls because I know that I’m just too short to pull that look off!



When it comes to nail polish however, I am a true practicer of out-of-the-box mentalities. Remain a true free spirit and wear that yellow nail polish with your fair complexion and pair it with those pale blue shoes, if you like. What’s the worst that could happen?!

Not having matching nail polish is not the end of the world – It actually does not make or break the outfit, regardless of what any of your fashion icons might say! What’s more, someone might see your rad nails and find them sooooooooooo cooooool that weird colors become a new trend!

So if you are feeling experimental one day, but don’t have the courage to pull off an outrageous outfit and walk out on the street just yet, try building confidence with some striking nail polish, and see how it feels! 🙂

Catrice: Lucky in Lilac

Catrice: Lucky in Lilac

This week’s color is not as striking as say an orange tone with a pink cardigan, but it is far from the security of a French manicure. Today I’m talking Lilac!

Catrice Nail polish

Catrice Nail polish

As usual, I started with a base coat to help support my peeled nails. Then I applied a double coat of color, let it dry, and topped it off with some shine…


Et Voilà, purple nails!

Lilac Nails!

Lilac Nails!

A bit delayed, but still with Attitude and nail polish (duh!), Anoushé xoxox

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