Homemade Everything!


I’ve been SO busy today.

No, not with dancing..nor with beauty product shopping. A little with dog walking, and eating..plenty of that.

As mentioned a couple of times, I am a nut butter freak. Addicted. Obsessed. I eat it with a spoon, out of the jar, in bed. Daily. Multiple times. Multiple spoons.

Yes, it is definitely allowed to be noted that I have more than one problem. So concealers and nail polish aside, just bring on the nut butter – and loads of it.

As mentioned here, I am obsessed with in love with the nut butter on the right:

Nut butter craze

Nut butter craze

However, I am NOT in love with the price…

I’ve been bookmarking/pinning/drooling over homemade nut butters these past couple of weeks. It just seems so easy: nuts, and add-ins, dump all in a processor and blend blend blend until it’s butter! This simplicity is not all that attracted me; the price is frugality-worthy too! You just need to invest in the ingredients, and voilà! Nut Butter Time.

Last week I tested the waters with Macadamia nut butter. Leaving it to turn into something unreconizable in the fridge, I was obviously not impressed with the results… But after my shopping bag looked like this:

Buying nuts

Buying nuts

…I had to give it another shot. Which I did. Today. Did I mention I was busy?

So as I’ve read in a couple of nut butter making posts, I knew it was going to take FOREVER to turn nuts into magical butter. IMG_0079

So I set off blending, expecting only the worst, gruelling next hours. Alas, it took a while… with a bit of processor overheating in between.. Many posts that I read prior to this homemade test run mentioned that certain food processors might not work as well as others. Instantly I assumed this was the case with mine and did not await an extreeeeamly creamy, runny butter to evolve out of todays creation. And it didn’t. But I’ve never liked the runny kind anyways; so win-win!



In admiration of my absolute favourite nut butter I added a few shavings of tonka bean in to the mix. Can you believe I found tonka beans in Zurich?! I just happened upon a jar of them yesterday and could not wait to use them!

Here is some info for you on the tonka .

Hours later: BAMMM!





Homemade Almond Tonka Bean Nut Butter! 🙂


  • 1 packet white almonds
  • tiny shaving of a tonka bean
  • half a teaspoon vanilla pod (ground)
  • pinch of salt


  1. Place everything in a processor and BLEND until smooth.


Do not add any oil, even if it is not blending. It will. Give it time.

Also, if you can’t find any tonka bean, add a little more vanilla as the flavours are similar!


With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo




Beauty to the Pointe

Concealer picks for this month’s current craze are:

Bumbum…bum bum…bumbum bumbum bum bumbum bum (did you just hum that in your head too?)

Watch out, it’s the number one pick: BB Cream Concealer by GARNIER!

Yes, I did mention this one in the BB Cream post. Yes, I am aware that this is a current craze about concealers, and not BB creams. No, I have not yet found my lost marbles, but I am not being crazy here! Cause let’s be real; if a concealer can double as a BB cream then it’s a win-win! There is some reasoning to my nuttiness!


Coming in second is the liquid concealer by Lancome. The other day I wasn’t wearing any make up because I was enjoying a lazy day, but when we decided to go out for dinner I applied a little bit of this under my eyes and on red spots instead of going for the full shebang with foundation , shadow and liner…

A really good concealer by Lancome

A really good concealer by Lancome

Mac studio finish concealer with SPF 35 is a close third. I use this as a touch up as it is lighter than the Garnier BB cream Concealer and can also help cover up a short night 😉 It lasts very long and you can apply it with either your finger or a concealer brush.

MAC Concealer

MAC Concealer

Technically not a concealer: Benefit, Stay don’t stray is a great base for a flawless complexion. It is also usable for a primer to eye-shadow (that is what it is being marketed as..)

Benefit, Stay don't Stray, is a great primer for eye shadows. Preps for long-lasting wear!

Benefit, Stay don’t Stray, is a great primer for eye shadows. Preps for long-lasting wear!

Finally, I absolutely must mention another Benefit product..Confessions of a conceal-a-holic. It’s a concealing and brightening kit – a great travel along for when you don’t know what product to take with you. It contains two shades of concealers (Boi-ing, 1 + 2), erase paste (also concealing), eyelid primer, eye brightener and face brightening primer.




Not (yet) part of my collection, but equally tested and loved are; Clinique: All About Eyes Concealer and Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat. The latter is great for minimal makeup days when you just need a little bit of extra brightening.  Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer could also offer more coverage when the Touche Éclat isn’t enough. Also recommendable is Bobby Brown: Creamy Concealer Kit, because it comes with a great powder as well for an ultimately even finish (I bought myself the powder in large because it is also useful for the rest of the face..perfect, flawless cover!)

Bobby Brown Concealer

Bobby Brown Concealer

Question of the day:

Do you have a favorite concealer you religiously use?

Mine , obviously, is the Garnier one, but sometimes, like last Sunday, I mix things up a little. Don’t want this collection to go to waste 😉

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

Two final couch potato days..

The weekend. Time to relax, sleep in and run errands. Time to lounge and couch potate, catch up on favorite shows and enjoy long breakfasts. Normally, my weekends are busy; full of plans of things I couldn’t get done during the week, people to see and dogs to walk..

This weekend, the first weekend after I finished my internship, I was in major need of sleep – lots and lots of sleep. Oh and a couple of shows.. I had to watch some shows and be lazy. It felt gooooooooood 🙂 I also finally got to see Despicable Me 2.. let me just say BANANAAA 😀

Source: 9Gag

Source: 9Gag

Since I haven’t had a proper dance class in a while, my dance blogging has come a little short.. that is why I will give you a quick overview of this weekend’s events. (Fear not, dance is back on schedule as of this week..stay tuned!)

Friday I went to see bees doing what they do best at the openair Orange Cinema by the lake. This openair is open annually from July to August, showing movies currently in cinemas, old classics and documentaries. We got to see More than Honey, a documentary about bees.


The backdrop and setting is beautiful. You see the sun set into the lake, and immediately after the screen rises and the movie starts. Also, you can eat dinner there, with food from various restaurants offering a selection for the evening. Since Nagasui was serving, I naturally chose my evening meal there..





Saturday I had a driving lesson and took the dogs for a loooooong walk through the woods. They enjoyed the cold water of the creek on the terribly hot day and constantly tried to drag me in too.


And on Sunday I took a similar walk and later went for dinner to Geeren, with FroYo for dessert 🙂

A highly enjoyable weekend! After all this relaxation, I’m ready for my busy college-planning week! Any tips on what I should take with me end of August?

Happy Monday!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo



Manicure Monday!


Unlike Garfield, I don’t hate Mondays. Like New Year’s Day, it’s the day one chooses to complete all pushed back tasks; it’s the beginning of a new week, what better time to clean up that room you’ve never wanted to (or not…:))

This week is also the start of my vacation. I’ve got one month left before I’m leaving for college, so now everyday has to be Monday for me.. got a lot of cleaning up to do!

Packing/cleaning issues aside, Monday also brings some fun..


Manicure Monday!

This Monday, I welcome my first OPI manicure to the blog. After mainly using Catrice polishes these past few weeks, I was longing for a longer-lasting polish – I did not want the color to chip off quickly again.

IMG_0003I went for the full shebang: Undercoat, polish and overcoat, all by OPI. This  should factor out a short-lived color splash …or so they say. I sure hope it doesn’t chip off too quickly, but with my nail picking track record, I doubt even the more expensive polishes will last.

IMG_0024The trend these days is to use a different color on your ring finger. Eager to test the new look, but not wanting to be too flamboyant while still working at my internship, I opted for a color in the same shade, unlike a totally opposite one like the trend normally expects.


Color number one was Come to Poppy; a beautiful shade of glistening pink, reminding me of pink candy.

IMG_0011I painted my left hand in this color, before switching to polish number 2, for the ring finger and right hand.

IMG_0005MeepMeepMeep is a darker pink and very glittery. Despite being a similar shade, it still provided a popping contrast to the shinier, brighter light pink.

Finish with a top coat and flaunt those trendy nails! 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

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Snacks this Week

Dance came slightly short this week. It’s the summer holidays, so classes aren’t very regular anymore. Also it was the last week of my internship, so leaving earlier for dance wasn’t a priority. Next week I will be taking stretch classes daily while also trying to catch up on my ballet.

Before the couple of classes I did take this past week  (Ballet on Wednesday and Kickbox Cardio on Thursday) I made sure to keep up my snacking 🙂

IMG_0035FroYo and Green Power juice.



Peanut Butter Oats made in an almost empty peanut butter jar.



IMG_0041Another green power juice to keep my vitamin intake high after a ‘cheat day’.

IMG_0040Chocolate Brioche and blueberries

IMG_0042Sour Cherry Crumb cake

I also ate some carrots, with two dogs watching every bite..

IMG_0038Next week I’m going back on my clean eating schedule.. but I did very much enjoy the yummy food I ate on the cheat day. Especially this salted caramel truffle:





With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo








Almond croissants and whipped gummy bears. Fondus and Frappés. If you didn’t read closely enough you would think this were a food blog?! …which it sometimes is..I’m constantly snacking.. But alas, I’m neither cook, baker, nor recipe extraordinaire.. I frequently eat the same thing for a home-cooked meal and keep my creativity out of the kitchen, confined mainly to the dance studio.

So before I drift off topic completely, talking about favourite foods, then dogs and the weather (which I will eventually do anyways) let’s loop back to the actual post: Swiss German lesson number 3.

Now Swiss German may not be an internationally spoken language, but it is so multifaceted that it can become interesting to many a foreign ear. With 26 Cantons, 4 languages and various cultures, Swiss German is more than just the weird German dialect constantly confused with Danish, Dutch and Swedish.  The more I discover about the various dialects, sayings and words, the more intrigued I get. English idioms are nothing compared to Swiss ones; they might both be smart and witty but the Swiss ones are incomparably weird as well (in a good way).

Today’s lesson embodies yet another descriptive adjective – cute.

Let me start with the translation: a cold. 

So how could a cold be cute? Well the Swiss have found a way.. by naming it d pfnüsel. 🙂

I find that darling, don’t you? So unbelievably darling that I almost want to whip a gummy bear.. tihi 😉

Have a good Saturday afternoon!

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

FroYo and Frappé

Yaaaaay for Wednesday, frequently known as my Jazz intense day.

Today, despite the summer vacation, classes are still in session! My number one favorite school – never closed, except for next week’s exception because they are moving location – is organising daily workshops, with my favorites this week being Jazz and Ballet, while the number one ballet school here is offering quite a few classes throughout the vacation as well..I’m in heaven 🙂

I haven’t been to dance for over a week now, but with three of my favorite people flying back home yesterday 😦 , my daily routine returned back to normal, and up until this weekend it should stay that way!
Why not after that, you ask? Well, Friday will be the last day of my 3 month internship .. after that I will try to find time for dance, but more importantly I have to start packing for college! Yikes! Time flies…

Lunch today was very special; I found some really tasty, plain frozen yoghurt in Zürich and enjoyed every last bit of it for my midday meal 🙂



Not exactly the healthiest choice – given that I was planning on going to dance today – and don’t even get me started on whether it was balanced or not. So I added something green..that’s always good and healthy, right?


Spinach, Apple, Lemon Juice and Ginger.


Smoothie + FroYo + Berries = ate some of the colors of the rainbow 🙂


This was just too good! (Restaurant review coming soon 🙂 )

After leaving the office a little later than I had hoped, I couldn’t make it to the jazz workshop. No biggie, because there was also a ballet lesson I could look forward to. On my way there, I enjoyed some fresh fruit for an extra vitamin boost and some yoghurt covered almonds.

The class was taught by a former student of the afore-mentioned ballet school. After completing her studies there, she joined a ballet company in Russia and began travelling the world. I really enjoyed her class and was mesmerized by how beautiful and elegant each and every move was..even if it was just an exercise! A great start back into my routine! 🙂

With attitude and nail polish, Anoushé xoxo

P.S Did you get that Frappé in the title is a word-play on my ballet lesson, and not something to eat? 🙂