Current Craze – BB Cream

Welcome to the first of many regular posts on beauty product must-haves. Over the next few weeks, I will be introducing you to various products I currently enjoy using, what benefits those products bring, and how you should be using them. Parallel to these posts, I will be making better use of my obsessive occasional visits at department stores, to analyze and test each brand offering the current product of discussion. This way, I can recommend the prefered product I’m currently using, but also offer you various other great options. The results will be found in the recurring Buy this/ not that blog post.

Today we will be looking at BB Cream

Various BB creams

Various BB creams

What is BB Cream?

BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm. It was initially created to help heal skin redness after peeling treatments. It was later introduced to and made famous in Asia. It became incredibly popular due to its ability to transform skin.

What does it do?

BB Cream is being promoted as an all-in one cosmetic product for your face. It is said to be a simple replacement for all skin care and cover-up products to date. In other words, its maaaaagic! Good-bye expensive serums, so long pore minimizing moisturizers and primers. Sun screen? Who needs it, when you’ve got a tube of BB Cream. With its mineral-based coverage, including ingredients like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid (to promote moisture), this miracle in a bottle will both cover AND treat various blemishes at the same time (in case you were wondering, yes I am being completely biased)! Today, a BB cream can do so much; it smooths, moisturizes, protects, firms, primes, softens lines, brightens and conceals, while being light on the skin (unlike most foundations…) and easy to use!

More BB Creams

More BB Creams

How do I use it?

Although it is being marketed as a replacement for all products used after applying toner and under eye cream, I tend to still use either a dollop of serum or a squirt of moisturizer on days where my skin needs more treatment. But if you are running short on time, please feel free to solely wash your face prior to applying the BB cream. Depending on the brand, one might offer more cover up than another, so you might need to mix in some foundation or lightly dust your face with powder (same goes for tinted moisturizers, e.g. moisturizers with some colour, but more about those some other time).

The result?

BB creams leave your skin feeling soft and your pores barely visible. With the addition of a relatively high SPF, your face will be protected from the sun, giving your brain space to think about things other than sun cream. Overall it is a great product to have on hand, either for daily-, travel- or sporadic use!

Garnier BB on my try out list! Maybe it will be in the Buy this/not that segment? Stay tuned!

Garnier BB on my try out list! Maybe it will be in the Buy this/not that segment? Stay tuned!

Currently in my Cabinet:

I am in looooooooove with Kiehl’s Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream (even my mom – the make-up and product minimalist – approves! 🙂 ) It comes in various shades, is safe for sensitive skin (like mine!), is SPF 50, contains high levels of vitamin C and provides all day hydration.

Equally ranked on my “in love with..” list is Garnier’s BB cream under eye roll-on. I know I was promoting their under-eye concealer (which I still very much support!), but if you haven’t noticed, I am a conceal-a-holic, and remain fickle with my favorites. Therefore, in keeping with my addiction, I will not stop buying and testing concealers (and no, I will not consider attending concealers-anonymous, because who doesn’t ever need a great concealer?! I’m doing you guys a good deed 🙂 ). Like the concealer, the BB cream reduces swellings and dark circles, while simultaneously covering them up, but its BB cream attributes help it blend miraculously with your skin, hydrate the under-eye area and smooth/prevent wrinkles.

So in celebration of the Summer months (although it seems much more like Winter at the moment..yuck), give BB cream a try, and profit from its many wonderful advantages 🙂

Stay tuned for my up-coming BB Cream Buy this/Not that blog post for more product recommendations!

Until then, with attitude and nail polish,

Anoushé xoxo

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