Manicure Mondays!

Good morning world! Hope your weekends were great! I was at a beautiful wedding on Saturday where I finally met the gorgeous bride of one of my closest high-school friends! As weddings should be, they had a wonderful, touching ceremony (..yes, I did cry when she walked in!), with plenty to eat and loads of embarrassing stories to tell about the happy couple later 🙂 Now in addition to enjoying the evening, I also noticed the fresh pink roses everywhere, which matched the brides radiant make-up and nail polish (..yes, I did just say nail polish and not lip gloss or anything else a “normal” person would notice first ..I told you I AM OBSESSED! :)) So in celebration of this happy day, I dedicate my very first Manicure Monday post to the newlyweds!

Are you familiar with OPI and Essie? These two nail polish brands probably have the most creative names for their products! I have to say, I barely care about the colour as long as the name is AMAAHZING, so I might have one too many yellows, greens and blues than I should…(it really doesn’t go with my skin tone..but oh I have yet to learn…)

Aren’t these names great? I have never bought nail polish with a bridal name {yet}, but since I wanted this post to be inspired by the two lovebirds, I looked through my collection of nail polish to find an equally discreet, pink tone in their honour.

The nail polish I chose for todays segment is by the brand Catrice Cosmetics. I often buy nail polish from them because their price tag is much more affordable than the more expensive OPI or Essie polish. This might also mean that I have a whole shelf full of Catrice nail polish, but who’s counting am I right? 😉

The nail polish is from the Ultimate Nudes line, and often used for French manicures. Now in keeping with my tendency to choose names over colours, I did not disappoint: My Café au Lait at Notre-Dame made it into my shopping cart (among too many others…).

it has a ne sais quoi :)

it has a certain…je ne sais quoi 🙂

I first started to prep my nails for their new, French look. Since I re-do my nails on a near weekly basis, I still had some blue (yikes!) nail polish left from when I was wearing a matching dress to my mom’s birthday. This had to go…

Next came a base coat. I have been told that it is worth investing in an expensive base and top coat, because they really do help keep your nails dressed longer, but I generally don’t bother…I change the colour every week anyways 😉

IMG_0469Once the base coat is dry, you can proceed with the main colour. The brushes of the new Catrice polishes are wide and thus easy to use – this wont help using your left hand to polish the right any better though (unless you’re left-handed, you lucky people!). I generally apply two layers of nail polish in order for the colour to really stand out.


Am I wearing any polish?

But even after THREE the colour was barely visible! The people over at Catrice weren’t joking when they called it “ultimate nude”…

Once the second layer of colour is dry, apply a top coat to help your nails dazzle and shine in the sunlight!

Despite it not looking like I’m wearing any colour, I quite like it for the summer. This colour pairs well with any clothing, accessory, skin tone or hair colour and looks very neat and simple. What’s more, having a fresh colour on your hands does not mean you have to resist funky colours for your feet. In fact, I highly recommend a bright colour for your toes because this is the only time of year to show them off! Let them be in the limelight for the warm months 😉

So that’s all for now folks.

And I think now is a good time to use my quote (please feel free to quote me on this must be used!): With attitude and nail polish…lot’s of love, anoushé xoxo

I now know the exact polish the bride used…Cotton Candy at Eiffel Tower, by none other than CATRICE :). She has impeccable taste 😉


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