Monday Ballet Lesson

Good evening citizens of the world! I hope your Monday was eventful and enjoyable – mine sure was! After waking up shortly before 7.00 a.m, I packed my Ballet bag, got ready and head to work.

My ballet bag!

My ballet bag!

I remained at my desk until shortly after 6.00 p.m. I then left the office promptly, anxious to try my massive portion of Voluminous Oats, which I tried to turn into a gigantic portion of peanut butter overnight oats, but failed miserably. I think I should just stick to either the one or the other…

Gooppy mes, but amazing pre-dance snack.

Goopy mess, but would be an amazing pre-dance snack.

Anyhow, I managed to somehow eat the goopy, tasteless oats (maybe I should add more peanut butter next time? mmmmhhhhh, yes more peanut butter…) and got ready for my Ballet class with one of my favorite teachers! I tied my hair up in a somewhat unconventional bun, put on my leotard and t-shirt my best friend got me in London, and head into the training room.

My 'attitude' (still trying to achieve should see the other girls! OMG!) and my unconventional bun (I think I could double for a Sumo...) ;)

My ‘attitude’ (still trying to achieve should see the other girls! OMG!) and my unconventional bun (I think I could double for a Sumo…) 😉

As usual, the Ballet class started with exercises at the Barre, followed by Center, then Diagonal and finally Jumps. (I will explain the various parts of a class in a next post. )

Once class was over, I head to the changing room and was suddenly inspired to show off some of my moves…but was lacking: a) a photographer and b) a reasonably sized mirror to photograph myself, which I needed due to a missing available photographer…So I did what any other blogging dancer would do: I took a few amateur pictures with my iPhone!

Combré {Backbend}

I decided to ‘perform’ for the pictures in my clothes, as that would then also show you what I wore today 😉 But in case you were wondering, this is the outfit I wore to the class:

My best friend gave me this shirt!! :)

My best friend gave me this shirt!! 🙂

After my private photo session (more pictures to follow), I came home and took the munchkins out for their evening walk.

Beautiful sky...

Beautiful sky…

Now I will proceed to remove my make-up and get ready for bed, but more about that in the upcoming beauty post!

Have a good one!

Anoushé xoxo

Question of the evening:
Have you gone to ballet class before? What was your first impression?

39 thoughts on “Monday Ballet Lesson

  1. I’m a ballerina myself, and I haven’t found any others on WordPress, so that’s awesome that there are other girls like me in the blogosphere! Obviously, I have been to a ballet class before 🙂

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